Amazing Act Of Love: Hospital Creates The Ultimate “Sensory Room” For Kids With Special Needs

A hospital can be a scary place for children – but for those with special needs, the terror can be excruciating.

From bright lights to strange smells, loud noises and cold hospital beds, those with sensory processing disorders can become deeply troubled and upset.

One Virginia hospital recognized the need to reach out to those in the special needs community and created the ultimate “sensory-friendly” hospital room.

Now, should a child with special needs such as autism have to go to the hospital, they’ll find familiar sensory comforts like weighted blankets and even soothing lights. 

ABC 13 News reported:

“They said the sensory-friendly facility will be helpful for children with autism because it provides special communication notebooks to help patients know what to expect while they are in the emergency room. There will also be a dimming light, weighted blankets, calming light projector, sensory cart with calming toys, and noise-canceling headphones.”

This hospital has made an incredible attempt to bridge the gap and make these sweet children feel more at home.

Children with special needs face unique challenges, and often moms raising these kids feel alone and isolated.

In addition, they feel like other adults either don’t know what to say or how to respond to their child, which further breeds distrust and angst.

More than anything, moms raising children with special needs long for others to show their precious children love and compassion. 

The fact that a hospital would use their creative powers to create a safe and welcoming environment for a child is an example for others to follow. 

Other businesses like airports have also created sensory-friendly rooms for children preparing them for their upcoming flight.

Local businesses should take note, and work to incorporate sensory friendly places for children with special needs to feel at home and comfortable.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or intense, just a few simple items such as an area with dimmed lights or noise-canceling headphones can really go a long way.

At the end of the day, whether a child has special needs or not, kids are just kids.

They long to be accepted and understood.

And for children with autism, when you get to their level and speak their language, even through non-verbal communication like providing comfort items –you’ve truly made a difference in their lives.

After all, love is a universal language.

Hats off to this Virginia hospital for setting an inclusive example for the world to follow! 

What are your thoughts on this Virginia hospital creating a sensory-friendly room for children with special needs?

Do you agree businesses need to do more to cater to children with special needs? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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