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Unsolicited Advice: Nurse Tells Mom To Whoop Her Autistic Son

  One of the most frustrating things about being a mom is receiving unsolicited advice from a stranger on how to raise your own child. But for moms of children with special needs, especially children with “invisible” intellectual disabilities, the random comments from strangers are often enraging, not to mention […]

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New Teddy Bear Helps Non-Verbal Children With Special Needs Communicate In The Most Incredible Way

                            Imagine being hungry or thirsty or in pain but not being able to verbally communicate your needs to another. For non-verbal children with special needs and their parents, this struggle is all too real. But one company had the brilliant idea to bridge the gap and create the ultimate […]

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Here’s How To Throw The Ultimate Birthday Party For A Child With Sensory Needs

When moms think birthday parties they often think of bright colors, noise making devices, and a lot of children! But for children with a sensory processing disorder, being around large noisy groups with bright lights and sounds can be overwhelming, and produce deep anxiety. The good news is, a child […]

Amazing Act Of Love: Hospital Creates The Ultimate “Sensory Room” For Kids With Special Needs

Amazing Act Of Love: Hospital Creates The Ultimate “Sensory Room” For Kids With Special Needs

A hospital can be a scary place for children – but for those with special needs, the terror can be excruciating. From bright lights to strange smells, loud noises and cold hospital beds, those with sensory processing disorders can become deeply troubled and upset. One Virginia hospital recognized the need […]