Another Sexual Predator Exposed In Boy Scouts

A once cherished organization that taught young men to respect one another, hone in on their skills, and get involved in their community has slowly been sinking into despair.

Boy Scouts of America has been in and out of the media over the last few years for lawsuits and liberal pursuits.

It’s not surprising that after publicly supporting the LGBT agenda the club has gained less than favorable members, like an abusive scoutmaster.

The Boy Scouts have many opportunities throughout the year to do activities, such as camping, apart from their parents. 

Left in the hands of so-called “scoutmasters” and their assistants, parents are led to believe their children will be safe and taken care of.

The problem is that after the LGBT radicalism pushed themselves on the organization many of the individuals in leadership are homosexuals, transgender, or dealing with some other mental illness of identity.

A parent should not leave their children with individuals who are struggling with sexuality issues just to appear more politically correct. 

As Mommy Underground has previously reported, Boy Scouts of America has had so many sexual misconduct lawsuits in recent years that the future of the organization depends on a downward trend in such issues.

The once all male club based on traditional values now even allows girls to join, which means co-ed camping and male chaperones with young girls. 

It doesn’t seem that Boy Scouts will be able to keep their noses clean long enough to stay in business, because another case has come to light involving a sexual assault and an assistant scoutmaster.

The Associated Press reports:

“An assistant scoutmaster on Long Island has been charged with sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy at several Boy Scouts of America retreats and meetings.”

Jonathan Spohrer, 26, was arrested in his home Thursday after the investigation revealed he had abused a young boy on multiple occasions.

This innocent child trusted that his Boy Scout leaders had his best interest and was taken advantage of.

It is every parent’s worst nightmare!

The boy was abused by Spohrer during several different New York retreats from January through November of 2018, reports the police.

Spohrer went to his arraignment recently and pled not guilty to a second-degree charge of sexual misconduct against a child. 

The assailant’s attorney, Joseph Carbone Jr., plans on “vigorously defending” the allegations against Spohrer, having “faith” that he will be found innocent, according to the Associated Press. 

It is not surprising that the CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Council of the Boy Scouts, Chris Coscia, claims that the organization is “shocked and disgusted” at Spohrer’s alleged behavior.

Coscia said in a statement:

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Upon learning of these reports, we removed this individual and prohibited him from any future participation in our programs.”

The Boy Scouts are supposed to have “safeguards” in place to prevent abuse from happening to any of the children, but that has proven futile more than once. 

Any organization that openly supports and participates in pro-LGBT and pro-abortion campaigns is not a safe space for your children. 

Their agenda is not hidden and neither are the results of their liberal infiltration. 

Protect your children and engage in activities that support strong conservative values, and even then vet those in leadership yourself. 

We can never be too careful with our children, and sexual predators seek out trusting family environments to take advantage of one’s naivety and innocence. 

Please let us know in the comments section if you have had any issues with the Boy Scouts, or if you have a trusted organization where your kids can grow and learn with like-minded families. 

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