Another State Rejects the Left’s Argument That Abortion Is a “Right”

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash


This past election season has been one for the record books, and though many people were focused on the outcome of the presidential ticket, there were far more issues to consider.

For pro-lifers, there is a great deal of legislation being introduced throughout the year for which voters can have a say in extending protections for the unborn.

And one state recently set a precedent that completely destroys the Left’s argument that abortion is a “right.”

Many states have passed legislation in recent years to protect the unborn from the brutal slaughter of abortion-on-demand.

But, sadly, much of this legislation can be overturned by judges who deem it to be “unconstitutional,” choosing to allow women to abort their unborn child – even though there is typically no language in state Constitutions to support their rulings.

Take, for example, a ruling last year in Kansas, in which there is no mention in the state’s Constitution of any right to abortion.

Although there is no truth whatsoever to their claims, progressive judges in Kansas defied the voters’ wishes and overturned a law banning late-term abortions in the state by ruling the law as unconstitutional.

But a ballot initiative in Louisiana was presented to voters this election season that would prevent state judges from following Kansas’ suit by disregarding legislation that is introduced by their chosen elected officials to preserve human life.

It appears that elected officials in Louisiana – no matter their party affiliation – recognize that their state Constitution does not offer any mention of abortion as a right granted to its citizens.

Both Democrat legislator Rep. Katrina Jackson of the Louisiana House and Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards are pro-lifers themselves and refute the claim that judges can declare abortion restrictions as being unconstitutional.

Governor Edwards, going against his party’s typical views on abortion as a “right,” signed legislation into law last year making abortion illegal once a baby’s heartbeat can be detected.

The legislation was introduced and passed in bipartisan cooperation in both chambers of the state’s legislature – including the support of an unprecedented number of Democrats.

In his continued quest to restrict access to abortion in his state, Edwards is also known for signing laws banning late-term abortion, dismemberment abortion, and providing a mandatory 72-hour waiting period for any woman seeking an abortion in Louisiana.

The ballot initiative in the most recent election was written to be an amendment to the state’s Constitution – and voters overwhelmingly agreed with its language.

The amendment will now be officially added to the Louisiana State Constitution, thereby removing any possibility that the courts can use the ruling of abortion restrictions being “unconstitutional.”

It’s a win-win for the unborn, and for the pro-life legislature and citizens who want to see an end to the slaughter of abortion so often upheld in the courts.

Rep. Jackson also wrote that the amendment will provide more time and resources for women considering abortion, mandates parental consent for a minor seeking an abortion, and bans the use of state tax dollars for the funding of abortion.

With this historic vote, Louisiana voters have proven that the majority of citizens reject the Left’s argument that abortion is a women’s “health” issue or that it is somehow a “right” — and that they will continue to elect legislators who protect the unborn.

The state joins others like Alabama in their landmark protections for the unborn.  We can only pray it is a sign of things to come – and that legalized abortion will someday be a distant memory.


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