Anti-Christian Group Succeeds In Removing Military Chaplain Prayer Videos

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As the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic rages on, many people are turning to God for hope to get them through this difficult time.

And the men and women serving our country are no different, and have long relied on the powerful prayers of a military chaplain to help navigate them through the challenging times, both good and bad.

But when one Army Brigade posted a sweet video of prayer time on their Facebook page, they came under attack.

As it turns out, the “tolerant” left isn’t so tolerant after all…

… and they became outraged at even the thought of having a prayer video public for the world to see.

But it wasn’t just one prayer video attacked, it was several.

A group called the The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) apparently describes these prayer videos as “illicit proselytizing” – and would rather have them removed than provide people comfort — even amongst a worldwide pandemic.

The prayer videos in question were posted to help comfort those affected by COVID-19, reminding us all that God is in control, and that we should treat others with love and kindness.

There was nothing hateful or controversial posted – but just the opposite.

But the anti-Christian force brewing in this country is so hateful – the sheer mention of God or Jesus is enough to bring them untied to fight to stop His name from even being uttered.

If someone doesn’t want to watch a prayer video – they don’t have to.

No one is forcing anyone to watch the videos posted on the Army Brigade’s Facebook page.

A person who identifies as an atheist or agnostic (or whatever else) and denies God or His power can simply choose to scroll past posts they don’t like.

That’s the beauty of the freedom of religion in America.

Instead, a hateful anti-Christian group was so “offended” at a military chaplain praying to give hope and comfort to others, they succeeded in having the prayer videos actually taken down from Facebook.

Fox News reported:

“Mike Berry, a lawyer for the First Liberty Institute, said he was shocked to find out the news and questioned why MRFF is focused on this issue.

“At a time when our nation is hurting and many feel hopeless, why on earth would Mikey Weinstein attack prayer?” Berry told Fox News. “America has the strongest military in history, but our brave service members are not immune to the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked.”


The attack on Christians needs to stop.

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Conservatives are often accused of being hateful and bigoted, yet it always seems to be the left tying to force their way upon others.

From forcing rainbow flags to fly yet punishing those who post Bible verses to working overtime to eliminate God from the public square – the attack on Christianity is real.

Our leaders all the way up to the President of the United States of America have publicly used prayer as a way to lead our nation.

If an Army chaplain wants to pray – the post should be allowed on Facebook.

Sadly, the left is utterly obsessed with removing any resemblance of faith.

Let’s hope they won’t succeed in silencing Christianity from social media – now more than ever our nation needs to rest on the peace of God to sustain us through this difficult season.

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