Apple Attempts To Silence Christian Values With This Shady Move

In a heavy-handed attempt to silence the Christian values, Apple took matters into their own hands.

But what’s even worse is their latest ploy revealed a blatant discrimination and bias against traditional values, proving once and for all they are in the back pocket of LGBT activists.

And tragically enough, Apple’s abuse of power was utilized swiftly in hopes of leading the masses down a destructive path, and the dangerous precedent they just set should anger every conservative.

To start, the world loves Apple products.

From the latest iPhone upgrade and all the savvy new apps, teenagers especially are drawn to the allure of owning the latest and greatest.

Marketers alike are attempting to create the newest app in hopes to hook teenagers to a world of vanity and debauchery.

While technology certainly has its downfalls, one of the positive aspects of the tech bubble is the fact churches and ministries can take advantage of the perks, and release apps that promote Christian values.

From Bible reading apps, to daily devotionals, there are many Christian ministries who are using the tech platform to release God’s light and truth to a dying world.

So when one Christian ministry decided to release an app to help those trapped in same-sex attraction, LGBT activists lost their minds.

One group launched a petition demanding Apple remove the app, and even though it was reported the petition received less than 400 signatures, Apple obliged and took it down.

NBC News reported:

“Truth Wins Out, which says it fights “anti-gay religious extremism,” launched a petition Thursday urging Apple to remove the app by Living Hope Ministries, a nonprofit that says it serves “those who are seeking sexual and relational wholeness through a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Apple’s cowardly move revealed they are merely puppets to a larger LGBT agenda.

And hidden behind the cloud of smoke and mirrors, Apple executives are promoting the LGBT lifestyle, and quietly trying to make it seem “normal” for the world to embrace a homosexual lifestyle.

From the Apple CEO himself blaspheming God claiming God is “pleased” with his open homosexual lifestyle, Apple’s latest move shows employees are simply following the “leadership” set forth at the top.

It’s no wonder the executive director of the pro-homosexual organization released a statement praising Apple for their latest move to silence Christians.

NBC News continued:

“We thank Apple for exemplifying corporate responsibility and taking swift action to remove a dangerous app that stigmatizes and demeans LGBT people,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “Ex-gay programs are consumer fraud and cause significant harm to the people they purport to help.”

Christians know that embracing the LGBT lifestyle leads to trauma and even teen suicide.

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In addition, Apple’s latest move sets a dangerous precedent.

When wholesome and pure Christian values are suddenly labeled as “hate speech”, it shows the true threat Christians face.

Darkness is being allowed to circulate, with a pre-meditated attempt to silence anything having to do with speaking out against the LGBT lobby.

We know whose side Apple picked in this battle, but Christians can take peace knowing light and truth will ultimately win in the end.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s shady move to remove the Christian app speaking out against the LGBT lifestyle?Do you think Apple should have removed the app?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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