LGBT Activist Slanders God With This Statement

LGBT activists are desperate to push their agenda onto the masses, and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

From targeting children in schools, to pushing “transgender” changing rooms in retail stores, one can’t even leave the house without being thrust into the middle of a culture war.

But this latest statement by an LGBT activist evokes the name of God, and it’s appalling at what he said.

The CEO of Apple is proud to admit he is openly living a homosexual lifestyle.

He says so without shame, as if others should be proud of what he’s doing and the poor choices he’s made.

During an interview with CNN, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple made an outrageous statement concerning his lifestyle:

LifeSite News reported:

“I’m very proud of it,” the Apple (AAPL) CEO told Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday in an exclusive interview for her program on CNN International and PBS. Being gay is “God’s greatest gift to me,” he said.

Cook came out on October 30, 2014. His sexual orientation had been widely rumored beforehand though he had not confirmed it publicly.

“I was public because I started to receive stories from kids who read online that I was gay,” he told Amanpour. He said the emails and letters came from children who said they had been ostracized, bullied or abused because of their sexual orientation.”

Let’s face it, the CEO of Apple knows many look up to him.

Apple products are popular among young teens, with many aspiring to grow up and do something “cool” like be the CEO of Apple.

His statement was deliberate, attempting to make being a homosexual normal and acceptable.

But using the name of God to bless his lifestyle, is blasphemy.

Every Christian knows, God is clear that marriage is a beautiful and sacred act designed for one man, and one woman.

God never claims it is acceptable to live in a lifestyle of same-sex relationships.

And one of the most tragic things of all, is the CEO claims he’s “helping children” by “coming out” as an open homosexual.

Young boys need healthy male role models to look up to.

A CEO of a company who claims God gave him the “gift” of being a homosexual is confusing to young children who see a successful CEO.

But as Mommy Underground previously reported, children are often thrown into the middle of the LGBT culture war.

In fact, children get hit the hardest.

“Transgender” showers.

“Transition” ceremonies in kindergarten.

Even groups like the Boy Scouts are openly allowing predators around children.

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What children need to hear is the truth.

And the truth is what God’s word reveals – marriage is designed to represent Christ’s love for His bride, the church.

Christians understand this is best represented on Earth as the sacred union of one man and one woman in marriage.

Any attempt to sway it a different way is a dark deception, designed to lead others astray.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s CEO claiming God gave him the “gift” of being an active homosexual?

Do you think his statements will lead other children astray?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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