As the Battle for Life Rages, Innocent Casualties Wait for Protection

This truly is a historic period in our nation’s history.

The battle over the very right to life itself has reached a fever pitch in recent months as states pass laws that either protect the unborn or send them to their slaughter without restriction.

But one of the most recent legislative fights over the issue shows just how unbelievable some of the rhetoric has become.

Following the tragic passage of the Reproductive Health Act in New York and other states like Vermont working to follow suit, legislatures in state after state have introduced various bills related to abortion.

And following the statements of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam – unbelievably a pediatrician himself – the growing concern isn’t just killing children in the womb but allowing them to die if they survive an abortion.

Pro-lifers and legislators nationwide are shocked that the subject is even being discussed.  After all, how is it possible that murder is illegal, but leaving a baby to die may not be?

But state leaders and governors are arguing against the need for this life-saving legislation.

“Born Alive” bills that would require that babies who survive abortions are to be given medical treatment to keep them alive recently passed the Texas House.

But in Northam’s home state of Virginia, born alive legislation failed to pass out of committee.

It is currently being debated in Wisconsin, but Governor Tony Evers has vowed to veto it, citing it as “not a productive use of time,” according to The Hill.

And even in the U.S. Senate, a national Born Alive bill was voted down after being introduced by Senator Ben Sasse.

Now, the governor of North Carolina has become the latest to refuse to protect newborn babies from outright murder, not just through abortion, but after birth.

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed legislation last week that would require abortion providers to keep babies alive if they survived the procedure.

SB 359, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, had already passed the Republican-controlled House and Senate in the state.

It’s no coincidence Governor Cooper receives campaign support from Planned Parenthood.

Like Governor Evers of Wisconsin, Cooper thinks the legislation is “unnecessary and needless” because he claims that the practice of allowing babies who survive abortions to die “simply does not exist,” according to the Charlotte Observer.

But the problem is, it does.

North Carolina Representative Pat McElraft, a Republican, has some news for Governor Cooper.

She was a phlebotomist prior to holding elected office, and many nurses confided in her that babies who were born alive after abortions were indeed left to die.

“Nurses told stories of babies who were born alive and were taken by the doctor and turned face down in the saline. I can attest to the fact that infanticide has happened here in NC. I’ve been witness to the result of those late-term abortions,” said Rep. McElraft, according to LifeSite News.

She also saw evidence of it happening herself.  Early in her career while visiting the pathology lab at a local hospital, she saw, “perfectly formed little human babies in…buckets.”

And infanticide is not just occurring in North Carolina as governors refuse to save newborns.  Mommy Underground has reported on the horrific reports of abortion employees who have seen it happen.

Cooper “fears” the legislation would criminalize abortion doctors with crippling fines and felony charges, and he criticized the bill before it was even put through committee.

But other legislators have stated that while debating the bill, they heard other confirmation that infanticide has happened in the state.

Now, it is up to Republicans to work to override the governor’s veto.  It is unclear whether they will have enough votes, but even some Democrats have vowed to help after voting to pass North Carolina’s Born Alive bill.

Representative Garland Pierce and four other Democrats in the State House are defying their party to save the unborn after hearing the testimony of Rep. McElraft and former abortion nurses.

Whatever happens, legislators say that abortion doctors, nurses, and staffers have a duty to report a child born alive – and keep them alive.

Mommy Underground will keep you updated on any new developments in legislators working to override the governor’s veto in North Carolina.

What do you think the true rationale is for governors who are vetoing Born Alive bills in their states?  Leave us your comments.





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