Abortion Clinic Whistleblower Sounds Alarm On What Happens To Babies Born Alive

Another brave whistleblower shares the abortion clinic horrors she was forced to witness and participate in, and it is absolutely shocking.

After experiencing the sheer horror that takes place behind doors, Janet Rogers* quit the abortion industry for good, and is now pro-life.

And once you hear Rogers’ story on the real actions that take place at abortion clinics, you’ll be outraged, as it’s worse than anyone could imagine.

Pro-lifers know abortion clinics are a money-making business that take advantage of scared young women.

Vulnerable pregnant women walk through the doors of abortion clinics thinking they are walking into a “safe place”, when they are actually like sheep about to be slaughtered.

And while we know unborn babies are violently slaughtered within their mothers’ womb, it gets even worse.

But in order to create “buy in” for abortion clinic workers to partake in abortions, the abortion clinic workers are “groomed” and prepared to do the unthinkable.

Rogers goes on to tell about the blatant deception that takes place at abortion clinics, and how workers are trained to become “numb” to the actual practices happening to babies.

The women abortion clinic workers start off “light” by doing basic receptionist duties, and then they are eased into the “harder” work such as assisting in abortions.

But nothing prepared Rogers for what she was asked to do next.

A baby survived an abortion and was born alive.

One would think this baby would immediately receive medical care, right?


Rogers was told to place the crying, breathing baby into a separate room, and leave it to die.

LifeSite News reports:

“Rogers says:

When she delivered this tiny baby (it looked full term to me) she was actually alive and crying.  The doctor said to me, “Put it in the room and close the door.  Do not enter til the morning shift.”  I immediately took the crying baby and wrapped it up and laid it in a room.  I then immediately started calling hospitals around (against the doctor’s wishes) to find someone that would take it.  None around would take it cause they said it was not viable.  I spent many hours trying.  I just wanted to leave this place, but I knew I could not walk out and leave other patients without a charge nurse. 

Til this day I hear this crying infant in my head.”

Despite her desperate efforts to get medical help for the child, the baby girl died. Rogers quit her job, no longer an abortion supporter.”

Imagining this little baby girl, born alive and left to die in a cold dark room is absolutely gut-wrenching.

One can’t even begin to comprehend the pain this baby experienced, after surviving a botched abortion and then left to die.

But Rogers told the story as if this were common practice, something that happens all the time.

And while we are thankful she left the abortion clinic industry and is now pro-life, there are still other abortion clinic workers assisting in the murder of babies, both born and unborn.

Our nation has truly reached a low, that only God can pull us out of.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, America’s abortion laws are lower than most other countries around the world.

A country that kills its own children.

What have we become?

Let’s hope more whistleblowers continue to come forward, so abortion clinics can be shut down once and for all.

What are your thoughts on Rogers’ story on helping deliver a live baby and then leaving it to die?

Were you shocked to hear this type of thing takes place at abortion clinics?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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