United States Abortion Laws Fail The Ethical Standards From Around The World

America was once a beacon for hope and prosperity, a land sought out for their acceptance and opportunities.

While some may find a life renewed within the borders, this is not the case for unborn children.

In a country where thousands of babies have their lives taken each and every day, the United States’ reputation has become tainted.

Regretful landmark legislation in New York has brought worldwide attention to abortion laws, and how the United States fares globally.

United States

As Mommy Underground has previously reported, on January 22nd the Empire State made abortions legal up to 40 weeks of pregnancy, putting the nation on the map as a country that doesn’t value human life.

Roe v. Wade in 1973 marked the beginning of a downward spiral that we have yet to reach the bottom of.

Liberals call the supreme courts decision “progressive”, and “pro women’s health”, but the truth behind those impetuous words are that mothers and their young are irreparably harmed.

O. Carter Snead, Director of the Center for Ethics and Culture at William P. and Hazel B. wrote into the Irish Times reporting how:

the controlling legal precedents and their interpretation by US federal courts render American abortion law among the most permissive in the world.”

In fact, the Supreme Court has carelessly dismissed any attempts to put bans on abortion in any form, only allowing criteria to be placed on the way in which an unborn child’s life is taken.

Many inhumane aspects of the abortion (apart from the sheer horror of taking a child’s life) and its aftermath are still continuing throughout the United States.

Pro-life legislation can’t get through the barriers created by the delusional left, leaving pro-death clinics limitless in their practices.

Snead reported:

US courts have struck down bans on abortion based on genetic or sex discrimination (for example, to eliminate disabled unborn children), a ban on abortions of unborn children 20 weeks or older, requirements for the humane and dignified handling of foetal remains, and bans on the dismemberment of a living unborn child.”

There are not many countries that disrespect a human life to this extreme, invalidating their existence for personal preference.

The Washington Post reported in a fact checker that the United States is “one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation.

The other countries to make the list were China, North Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada, and Vietnam.

Every country has some sort of abortion legislation in varying degrees, ranging from criminal prosecution for abortion to the Reproductive Health Act in New York.


The most popular country for having staunch anti-abortion legislation is Ireland. Here it was written in the Constitution in 1861 that abortion is subject to criminal penalty.

Unfortunately, in 1983 the notorious eighth amendment in Ireland made it possible for mothers to get legal abortions if their life was at stake.

After pro-death advocates waged war on the government through strikes and media attacks, a referendum passed to remove the constitutional ban on abortion, making it okay to kill your baby up to 12 weeks, or 24 weeks in “exceptional circumstances”, according to the Guardian.

Prior to overturning the eighth amendment, the World Health Organization cited Ireland as being “one of the safest” places in the world for a pregnant women.

United Kingdom

England, Scotland, and Wales have always been more liberal than Ireland, legalizing abortion in 1967 with the Abortion Act. This legislation made abortions up to 24 weeks permissible by law.

In the United Kingdom (apart from Ireland) only a licensed medical professional can perform the killing of an unborn child, and it has to be signed off by two other deranged doctors prior to commencing, according to The Sun.

This is unlike New York, where almost anybody can set up shop to participate in genocide, no doctors required.

However, doctors in the UK do not have to perform abortions if they “have a moral objection to it”, reports The Sun.

This, however, does not usually stop the individual from going forward with the life-changing event, but just gives the baby a little more time while the mother finds another signature.  


Poland does not get too much media attention in the United States, but they have some of the strictest abortion laws in the world, even outshining Ireland.

According to the Independent, in Poland:

Abortions are illegal in the Catholic country unless the woman’s life is threatened, she is pregnant as a result of a crime or if the foetus is incurably ill.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the Law and Justice party (PiS), sought to tighten abortion laws, presenting legislation to Parliament last year.

The bans were struck down because of the liberal mobs threatening the government with strikes and protests, not much unlike the leftist in the United States.

It is likely that Kaczynski will not give up on the issue, as it is a core part of his political party.

Latin America

Latin American countries are primarily pro-life, this being largely in part because of their strong religious affiliations.

The National Institute of Health reported:

In Latin American countries abortion on demand is legal only in Cuba and must be performed there in hospitals within the 1st 12 weeks of pregnancy.”

Progressives try to argue that botched abortions that leave women injured in these counties are reason to legalize the killing of unborn children.

There are two lives to consider when you get pregnant, and both are equally valuable.

To discredit one innocent life in favor of another is not justice, but prejudice of the worst kind.


On the most extreme end of pro-abortion legislation is the communist country of China, which made the top seven list of countries that allow abortion post 20 weeks along with the US.

In China, killing your unborn child is not only allowed, but mandated in certain regions!

Population Research Institute reported:

Women in China found pregnant with an over-quota child continue to face severe penalties, PRI has found. These penalties include, in many provinces, being forced to have an abortion.”

The oppressive regime has a government-mandated planned birth policy that allows only two children per mother. Unbelievably, it was only a one-child policy prior to 2015.

It is unsettling to think that the United States may one day further press the issue of killing unborn children in the womb, stripping them of life, liberty, and opportunity.

Many human rights activists see counties like China and North Korea as being oppressive and inhumane, but then those same people will use the other side of their mouth to steal the dignity of an innocent baby.

Liberals have gone too far. Their destruction knows no bounds. This country is about protecting freedoms, the first of which is to life.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the United States comparison to worldwide abortion laws.