Bravo! Cheerleader Jumps Off A Moving Float To Save The Life Of A Choking Child

17-year old Tyra Winters was enjoying a ride on her school’s homecoming float when she saw a desperate mom in need.

Instead of ignoring the frantic mom and turning a blind eye, this brave teenager sprung into action without hesitation.

And because of her heroic act – she was able to save the life of a choking toddler.

CNN reported:

“Her kid’s turning purple, so I immediately jumped off the float and I ran down to the kiddo and said ‘I got him,” Winter said.

She held the little boy and gave him three strong back thrusts that made him spit up the candy he was choking on.”

This teen could have frozen in fear or panicked.

Or, she could have simply continued to ride on the float, and wait for somebody else to come to the rescue.

But instead, she acted quickly.

And it was only because of her swift action the life of the 2-year old toddler was saved. 

The mom of the toddler admitted she wasn’t trained in CPR and felt helpless as she looked at her child who was no longer coughing or breathing, reported CNN. 

One can’t imagine a more helpless feeling than watching a child choke to death and be powerless to stop it.

After all, it’s inherent for a mother to protect her child at all costs.  

Thankfully, this story had a happy ending. 

The child was safe, and the mom was relieved – but CNN reported the mom admitted she would sign up to take CPR classes “right away.”

It’s a good thing this mom is taking her child’s near brush with death seriously!

And this story should be a lesson for us all.

Moms, if you aren’t certified in CPR – both baby and child – make it a priority in the upcoming months!

And when hiring a babysitter, confirm they have CPR training too.  

Many places offer free and affordable CPR classes and some only charge a fee should you need your actual certification.

Anything can happen, and even if you are careful to cut up grapes and keep small toy pieces away from your child, accidents still happen.

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You also might want to do a “home check” – and see if there are any choking hazards you may be unaware of.

While it’s true “life happens” if you are trained in CPR and know what to do, you will feel confident should a choking incident occur in your home (or even in public).

Who knows, you might even have the chance to help save the life of someone else’s child just like Tyra did! 

What message would you like to leave for Tyra in response to her brave act?

Do you agree every mother (and father) should be certified in CPR?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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