California Bill Allows The State To Take Custody Of Kids Whose Parents Oppose Their “Gender Transition”

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Imagine your minor child coming up to you and telling you they want to “change genders” – and when you say no – you find out you’ll lose your child.

What sounds like a bizarre nightmare could become a possibility in California if liberal politicians get their way.

And once you hear about their plan to have the government supersede parental authority and actually take children from their parents – you’re bound to be horrified.

California is always determined to push the envelope when it comes to taking control of children.

The Governor already authorized minors to get an abortion or change genders without parental consent

Then they made California a “sanctuary sate” – encouraging children to flee oppressive states and live out their “true gender”.

But it’s still not enough for them – and now radical politicians have taken things to a whole new level of insanity.

If minors flee their own home state to California without their parents – the courts take over.

Christian Headlines reported:

“A court of this state has temporary emergency jurisdiction if the child is present in this state and the child has been abandoned, or it is necessary in an emergency to protect the child,” the bill’s text says.”

All a child has to do is flee to California – and they’ll know their LGBT wishes will be protected by the state.

The California Family Council was outraged once they learned the details of this horrific legislation – and they are sounding the alarm.

Christian Headlines continues:

“This bill declares war on parents throughout the country who don’t want their children sterilized because of their gender dysphoria, a condition that resolves itself in most cases after a child reaches adulthood,” said Greg Burt, director of capitol engagement with the California Family Council. “

Any adult – whether it’s a doctor, judge, politician, teacher, or even parent who allows a minor child to disfigure their body or take hormone drugs should be locked up.

Truly, it’s child abuse.

While some states like Texas and Florida are actually protecting children – other places like California are endangering their lives.

There are countless stories of teens who change “genders” and come to regret it who then become suicidal.

Other teens later become adults – and are horrified at how much they’ve destroyed their bodies.

Adults have a moral obligation to protect the innocence of vulnerable children – but instead those who push the LGBT agenda are willing to sacrifice kids or use them as pawns if it will promote the LGBT agenda.

Let’s hope parents in California continue to speak up and fight back against the eroding of their rights before it’s too late.

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