California Invites “Transgender” Kids To Come And Change Genders Without Parental Consent

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While California is known for their pro-LGBT and abortion stance – their latest actions prove just how far off the deep end they’ve truly gone.

Not only are they determined to push their liberal policies onto the masses – but they’re targeting children with their latest campaign – and it’s truly horrific.

And once you hear about the new law in California that prevents parents from all across the country in having a say in the direction of their child’s future – you’re bound to be horrified.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is as radical as they come.

He’s determined to push forward his pro-LGBT and pro-abort agenda – and he’s willing to take down anyone who gets in his way – including parents.

Newsom recently signed into a law a bill that “protects” kids who identify as “transgender” if they simply cross state lines.

Meaning – Newsom isn’t content on warping the minds of California teens – he’s resorted to encouraging “transgender” teens from all across the country to flee to California for “protection” against their own parents.

Absolute insanity.

Newsom hopes to make the entire state of California a “sanctuary state” for LGBT youth.

So instead of getting them the mental health help that they need – he hopes to further indoctrinate them to the LGBT agenda.

While conservative states are protecting kids from adults pushing the “transgender” agenda – California is sacrificing children on the alter – in order to promote their leftist agenda.

It truly is demonic.

The truth is, political leaders in conservative states know that allowing a minor to “change genders” will ruin the lives of these precious children.

So, they’re going after the “doctors” and health “professionals” who give hormone drugs and puberty blockers to kids.

In contrast, Newsom is encouraging kids to “change genders” if they feel like it – vowing to protect them in California.

NBC News reported:

“The bill seeks to “offer refuge” to trans minors and their families “if they’re being criminalized in their home states,” state Sen. Scott Wiener, who introduced the bill, said on Twitter after Newsom signed it.

Wiener said states like Texas and Alabama “are seeking to tear these families apart,” referring to efforts in both states to bar parents from providing their trans children with medical care like puberty blockers and hormone therapy.”

Study after study shows teens who alter their “gender” either through surgery or hormone drugs later come to regret their decision – and many either have – or are considering – taking their own lives.

We know the minds of teens aren’t yet developed, and they aren’t capable of making such life-altering decisions.

But Governor Newsom doesn’t care about teens.

He only cares about promoting an agenda and cozying up to LGBT activists.

Tragically, yet again it’s kids who will pay the price.

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