California Takes Another Right Away That Cost A Child Her Life

As the nation teeters on a political divide, one of the most liberal states attempts to tip the scales into demise. 

California is relentlessly pursuing a completely government run population where they are able to dictate the future of our children. 

Turns out the public school system does not know everything, and their arrogance has cost a young girl her life. 

Madison Ocheltree, 12, committed suicide last spring, shocking friends and family who didn’t even know she was struggling with depression.

However, it came as no surprise to counselors at the Yuba City Unified School District in California. 

While Madison’s parents didn’t know she was contemplating on taking her own life, various professionals at her school did- and they failed to inform the family.

Wouldn’t they be the first people you would call?

A month before she committed the irreversible act, Madison had texted a friend a threatening message about her plans.

The message frightened the friend who made the wise choice to alert a teacher. 

The teacher then shared the information with other staff members, including the Principle, Clint Johnson, who referred the incident to counselor Todd Tyler, according to People. 

This is where it all starts to go wrong. Instead of immediately informing the parents that their child who they are solely responsible for and raised is having thoughts to harm herself, they play bureaucratic ping pong with her well-being. 

Madison’s parents filed a negligence and wrongful death suit against the school district, principal, and counselor involved in the death, among other staff members. 

Investigators found that the principal had a meeting with her the day the text was revealed.

Principal Johnson had Madison fill out a questionnaire, and then sent her back to class- with no follow up or call to the parents about the form. 

Failure to inform the now grieving parents is in direct violation of the school’s suicide prevention policy and the California Education Code. 

The suit shares how Madison’s parents were “deprived” of the chance to get her “any sort of counseling,” according to People.

Attorney Steve Gurnee, representing the Ocheltree’s, told People:

They absolutely dropped the ball. They had a very specific policy, it was in effect since April of 2010. … They said they’d take care of it. Well, they didn’t.”

Many parents and caretakers trust that the public school system has the best interest of their children at heart when they take over responsibility of education and training them during the school day. 

In California, liberal Senator Kamala Harris wants to extend the school day into the evening, under the bill name Family Friendly Schools Act, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. 

But how can the over-run school system, who can’t even follow through with a simple life-saving measure for one innocent child, take on more of a authoritarian role?

Efforts to keep traditional values in Californian families is harder than ever. 

They have inappropriate sex education for small children, legislation that makes it mandatory to administer what they feel is best to our children, and homeschooling red tape made to hinder education apart the state. 

Restricting parenting roles is not the answer to a better society. The government is operating outside of its purpose by binding the feet of conservatives.

Madison’s death is a tragedy no parent should have to bear, and hopefully the school will remember the rights of the parents when the next troubled child comes along before it’s too late.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the school’s failure to abide by policy, and the dire consequence that resulted because of it.