“Child Pornography” In School – And What Kids Were Told Not To Take Home To Parents! 

Photo by Marco Verch Professional Photographer on Flickr.com


The public school system has been a liberal breeding ground for some time, corrupting young minds and destroying the idea of traditional family values.

Bringing in LGBT+ clubs and pro-death charities, all while condemning anything remotely conservative or Biblical, has created an environment where immorality flourishes.

Now the very curriculum teachers are trying to push onto students shakes the foundation of their identity and sexuality – and one school in Ohio has crossed the line!

In Ohio, course material was exposed to kids that is described by Hudson City Mayor Craig Shubert as “child pornography,” reports the Christian Post.

Thankfully, the Republican mayor is not going to sit by while children are corrupted in the classroom.

Shubert has taken extreme and appropriate action by ordering the school board to resign or face criminal charges.

And it should be criminal to expose kids to vulgar sexual material!

Yet, this is the first elected representative that seems to agree with that by standing up to the garbage taught in many public schools.

Addressing the Hudson City School District Board of Eduction in a meeting, he said:

It has come to my attention that your educators are distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom. I have spoken to a judge this evening; she has already confirmed that. 

I’m going to give you a simple choice: You either choose to resign from this board of education or you will be charged.”

The parents and spectators in the audience couldn’t have been more happy with Shubert’s speech, giving him a roaring applause.

The course material in question was called “642 Things to Write About,” a required text for a college-level liberal arts II class at Hudson High School in conjunction with Hiram College.

A concerned parent spoke up at the meeting prior to Shubert, reports the Christian Post, demanding:

Do not sexualize our kids. The raw filth that snuck past the gatekeeping functions of this board of ed of 642 Reasons was disgusting.” 

The parent listed one of the offensive writing prompts titled, “explain a time when you wanted to orgasm but couldn’t.”

Another parent, Monica Havens, at the board meeting read some of the other prompts off to the shocked audience.

One prompt asked students to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom” and another prompted “write an X-rated Disney scenario.”

These topics encourage children to ponder scenarios beyond their development, and ones that encourage them to meditate on sexualized material.

What is worse is that the parent alleged “students were told not to take the book home” so that parents wouldn’t be aware of the content being told to their kids.

One of the students in the class who was given the assignment, Meredith Judson, attested that it only took a matter of minutes for her and classmates to find the inappropriate content.

She spoke about her concerns at the meeting, saying:

The first day we got it, within 10 minutes of us getting this book, all of us around the room had already found the things out. If we found out in 10 minutes … that all of these prompts were in the book, it’s just interesting how … the teacher wouldn’t have known about this.”

And this isn’t the first time sexually explicit material was presented in the Hudson High School classroom.

Judson shared how in one class she was “watching movies that were rated R that showed very sexual … scenes and very explicit content,” including “a child that was a 10-year-old that was up on stage taking off her clothes to do a perverted dance.” 

The child pornography theme had been allowed to run rampant at the schoo l- until now.

Hopefully, we will see other representatives, parents, and teachers take a stand about the inappropriate content being taught in public schools, including the LGBT push to include transgender bathrooms and locker rooms.

If we continue to let liberal policies dictate the content our children are taught in public schools – and allow the government to have complete control over education – the the generational corruption will be hard to reverse in this nation.

Get involved in what is being taught to your children. We can’t assume that educators have the best interest of our kids in mind.

We have seen over and over again that children are often the victims of a larger agenda – but they don’t have to be.