Children in Danger:  Scientists State Progressives Must Stop Twisting the Facts

We’ve seen the dangers of propaganda and public shaming being used to cement dangerous ideas into new cultural norms throughout history.

These cultural shifts are almost always perpetuated by one faction of society who aims to gain benefit or control over another. 

We’ve seen this happening over the last few years through the far-left agenda to recreate our culture – but some scientists are stepping in to say, “enough is enough.”

From abortion to alternative lifestyles, progressives rabidly push their viewpoints on every other member of society.  If we don’t accept their views, we are wrong – or worse, racist, discriminatory, or evil.

But the frightening parallels between recent cultural shifts in adopting the progressive agenda and other historical periods of holocaust, genocide, and eugenics can’t be denied.

The dangers to our children are clear, especially when it comes to the push for a biological sex “spectrum.”

By attempting to “teach” us all to accept everyone as they are, the left is telling kids that who they are at birth is not good enough.

Transgenderism among children and teens has been extremely rare until recently.  Now, it’s a trend that is adopted as carelessly as a new fashion style or type of music.  

And it’s dangerous.

In a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, evolutionary biologist Colin Wright and developmental biologist Emma Hilton are issuing a warning to scientists and medical professionals who are caving to the pressure of the progressive left.

Denial of biological sex – that there is only male and female – is not sending our culture into a period of “forward” thinking, but rather into a state of regression.

And our children are caught in the crosshairs.

Wright and Hilton say that the current state of twisting the facts to pretend there are more than two sexes is downright wrong.  They acknowledge there are rare cases in which a person can be born with intersex traits – but it is a medical condition, not a sign that we should all be gender-fluid.

Unlike the propaganda we are being fed by the left, these scientists are emphatic on one point:  Sex is binary – one or the other — and the idea that there is a “spectrum” of multiple possible sexes is “false” and “has no basis in reality.”

Most organisms, especially humans, have one of two types of reproductive anatomy.  Even in those rare cases of a genetic defect, these abnormalities do not create a separate type of sex.

Wright and Hilton say the time for being “politically correct” and “polite” must end.  

Encouraging vulnerable people – especially children – to deny who they are in order to fit in to a dangerous trend in which they feel more accepted can only lead to self-destruction. 

These respected scientists are worried, saying: “When authoritative scientific institutions ignore or deny empirical fact in the name of social accommodation, it is an egregious betrayal to the scientific community they represent. It undermines public trust in science, and it is dangerously harmful to those most vulnerable,” according to the WSJ article.

The irony is that progressives view gender and sexuality as components of expression, just like a new haircut or style of dress.  They want everyone to be treated equally with their taglines of “inclusivity” and “tolerance,” but only if a person changes to fit their mold in their quest for a new norm.

As Christians, we are called to love everyone.  But that doesn’t mean we have to accept or encourage gender-fluidity when someone wants to change who God created them to be.  

In defying biological sex, the left is contradicting their very message that everyone should be accepted for who they are.  

The most vulnerable in our society are our children.  They are often the ones questioning who they are as they grow and develop, and the push for gender-fluidity is confusing – and life-threatening.

The progressive agenda claims to make us all the same – all “equal.”  They spew hatred at anyone who disagrees with changing what God has created, and they want our children to experiment by changing the very biology that makes them who they are.

These are the same people who decry the mistreatment of animals while killing unborn children.

It’s insanity, plain and simple, and it’s refreshing to see these two scientists standing up for our children by taking on their own colleagues who perpetuate this radical cultural shift.

Wright and Hilton want to make sure those in their scientific realm and in the medical profession understand just how dangerous it is to adopt this agenda.  

The path we’re on in defying biological sex is a dangerous dead-end for humanity.