Data Shows Parents Do Want To Be Involved In Education Despite Terry McAuliffe’s Ridiculous Comment

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Virginia Democratic nominee for Governor, Terry McAuliffe has been a progressive poster child – and after one off-putting statement, it’s backfiring in an amazing way.

It is obvious that the left wants to shut parents out of the education process, but only in recent times have they lacked all tact in presenting their agenda.

However, parents on all sides of the political spectrum are beginning to wake to the reality of brainwashing in the public school system, and McAuliffe can’t do anything to stop it.

Loudoun County, Virginia has been an epicenter of debate over the policies and education in the public school system.

A student was convicted of rape after attacking a girl in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School, according to Loudoun Now.

The victim was a sitting duck when the school decided to adopt a policy of allowing individuals who believe they are transsexual to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

During a school board meeting the father of the rape victim was tackled to the ground by police when trying to convey his daughter’s horrific situation, reports the NY Post.

The confrontation got him barred from the next school board meeting where they passed a policy allowing transgender bathrooms in all public schools.


Then, in Loudoun County again, parents began to protest critical race theory becoming a part of the curriculum.

All while this is going on, McAuliffe had the nerve to say during the second Governor debate in Alexandria that, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

This is not surprising coming from the man who restored voting rights for 13,000 criminals to increase votes for Hilary Clinton in 2016 when he was the current Virginia Governor, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

But seriously?? Parents shouldn’t have a say in what their kids are learning?

Well, a poll conducted by Fox News following McAuliffe’s frightening perspective on education shows that he does not represent the majority of Virginia opinion.

Let’s hope that is reflected in the election!

In the poll, Virginia parents were asked, “Do you believe parents should- or should not- be telling schools what to teach?”

The response was a resounding affirmation that parents have a say in what their children are learning at school.

The results showed 57% agreed that they should be involved, and out of likely voters 50% agreed.

A mere 34% of parents thought parents should not tell schools what to teach, which is still an alarming number considering what has been going in the public schools.

What is even more interesting is that only 25% of McAuliffe supporters agreed that parents should not be involved in what is being taught in public schools, Fox News reports.

Christian Martinez, a spokesman for the Youngkin campaign had this to say to Fox News:

McAuliffe wants to suppress and silence parents so his special interest allies can force their radical political agenda into classrooms and tell children what to think instead of teaching them how to think.”

How will that be reflected in voting patterns after he made such a blunt and ridiculous statement about shutting parents out of the education process?

Only time will tell.