Daycare Workers Face Criminal Charges After Wearing A “Scream” Mask To Terrorize Children

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Parents who drop their precious children off at daycare are entrusting adults to love and care for their children.

But a group of daycare workers in Mississippi decided it would be “funny” to put on a horrifying “Scream” mask and terrorize children.

It was all caught on tape, and the shocking video showed workers taunting and terrorizing children who were screaming and crying in fear – and just wait until you hear what happened next.

These poor children are shown sitting at a table and running around the room crying – while grown adults in “Scream” masks terrorize them.


These are paid staff who are supposed to keep children safe – yet used their power to abuse these sweet young children.

One adult is even seen screaming at a crying child to pick up his toys while she chases him across the room.

The video shows the children continuing to cry – becoming hysterical.

Can you imagine if this was your child!

It’s unconscionable.

Once the video went viral – parents had strong reactions and many claimed it was so bad they couldn’t even finish watching it.

Even Sheriff Kevin Crook of Monroe County who was in charge of the investigation admitted he struggled to watch the videos.

The New York Times reported:

“As a dad and as someone who has great compassion for those who can’t defend themselves, I admit it was very hard to watch these videos,” he said in a Facebook post earlier this month, when his department began an investigation.”

What’s even worse is the investigation revealed it wasn’t a one-time incident – but had occurred twice – that’s known of so far.

The daycare owner wasn’t aware an earlier incident had taken place in September – but once it was brought to her attention, she swiftly fired the daycare workers.

Thankfully, that’s not all that happened.

According to the New York Times, four of the former daycare workers have since been charged with felony child abuse – and another worker was charged with failure to report the abuse (mandatory by law) which is a misdemeanor.

Hopefully justice will be served to these women – but it still doesn’t ease the trauma of all the children who endured such abuse.

Sadly, this isn’t the only story of daycare centers having abused or mistreated children in their care.

There was the story about toddlers being neglected and trapped behind a fake wall.

Or the parent who picked up their child and found out a weighted vest had been used on their 1-year-old.

Tragically, some children even lose their lives at day care – like the infant who was swaddled and put face down in his crib for two hours – who horrifically died as a result.

It’s no wonder why moms are hesitant to put their babies into the care of a stranger!

If you have to place your child in daycare – make sure you do your research and get recommendations from other moms.

And make sure you do random drop-ins when they aren’t expecting you to make sure your little one is cared for appropriately.

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