Defiant Caravan Bombards US Border

Tensions between the President and liberals are tightening, with the left looking to defy Trump.

One area of exceptional backlash is immigration policies where the shortsighted are relentless in their attempts to destroy this country.

The Trump administration is trying to push through the ignorance dominating the media.

The goal is to protect the American people from violent offenders and inhabitants that think they are above the law.

On April 9, 2018 nearly 1,000 people began a journey from close to the Guatemalan border to the United States border in Mexico.

This caravan of individuals openly spoke on trying to get into the United States either by abusing asylum laws or through illegal means in order to prove to Trump they can’t be stopped.

Mommy Underground reported a more detailed account of the caravan’s journey.

On April 29, 2018 the caravan reached the United States border in dwindling numbers. Fox News reported:

The final group of caravan-traveling Central American migrants who arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, last week — after a month-long journey to flee violence and seek asylum in the U.S. — have crossed into California, beginning a lengthy immigration process that often ends in rejection.  

Of the roughly 400 migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, 228 have sought asylum in the U.S. – while many others decided to stay behind, Reuters reported.”

Hundreds crowd the border city of Tijuana in Mexico getting legal advice by volunteer attorneys, receiving food from a local shelter.

The attorneys told the people looking to seek asylum that they may be separated from their children, and that the process could take up to a year; after which they may be deported.

Fox News reported:

“U.S. immigration lawyers are telling Central Americans in a caravan of asylum-seekers that traveled through Mexico to the U.S. border in California that they face possible separation from their children and detention for many months.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said any asylum seekers making false claims to U.S. authorities could be prosecuted as could anyone who assists or coaches immigrants on making false claims.”

After hearing the less than ideal options available to the travelers, some have decided to stay back, while others thought the risk was worth a border crossing.

Jeff Sessions has made it clear in his speech on Monday that there will be no tolerance on those entering the United States illegally.

Mommy Underground recently reported on Sessions’ proclamation to enforce our nation’s immigration policies.

While all of these foreign citizens have no respect for the citizenship process or the laws of our nation, some are blatant in their rebellion.

A 4-year-old boy was quoted by Reuters in a mocking rebuttal saying, “Where is the wall? I want to climb Trump’s wall”, while the mother looked on in laughter.

Groups of illegal immigrants from the caravan are now in the United States “by climbing a dilapidated metal fence”, according to Fox News.

One young man wanted to find another means of stepping on American soil, because legal means are thought to be too costly and time consuming.

The Washington Post reported:

“It seems impossible to get asylum, because you could have to wait for up to a year, and to pay up to $20,000,” he said.”

The money may be hard to earn, and the time may be tough to wait but if that is the law of the land you want to reside in, that is the price you pay to respect the country.

As Trump correctly stated, the caravan is a good example of “weak & ineffective U.S. immigration laws”, according to Fox News, later tweeting, “”Our Southern Border is under siege.”

Those seeking asylum will have an initial screening by an asylum officer with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

If they don’t pass they are turned back with no entry into the U.S. On the other hand, if they pass they will either be detained until they have an immigration case date, or they will receive an ankle monitor and released into the United States.

This sounds a lot like the “catch and release” concept that Trump has done away with, but it is still lawful under current policy legislation.

Dozens of the caravan members already have made their way through the busy U.S. port of entry on Friday, according to the San-Diego Union Tribune.

Many more are likely to pass the initial screening, but very few will be granted permanent stay.

Fox 5 reported the statistics that may change in recent months for asylum seekers:

Between 2011 and 2016, 75 percent of asylum-seekers from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have been denied.”

The United States taxpayer already shells out almost $135 billion to cover costs associated with the 12.5 million illegal immigrants already residing within the U.S., according to  

With the yearly rising numbers of illegal immigrants who are dependent on American taxpayer dollars, the nation can’t stay in this trend forever.

Change must happen. The weight of support for non-citizens will eventually cause a buckle in the economy.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think should be done about the immigration issues.


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