Discover The Magical Amount Of Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day

Sitting around all day is not just for the lazy- it is sometimes unavoidable.

We know an active lifestyle wards off diseases, hypertension, obesity, and many more conditions, but what do you do when you have a desk job?

Thankfully, we are not condemned to a life of misery! Research shows us a remedy for your fitness and health goals.

Not only do we feel better when we get active, but we are also building lasting physical and mental stability for our future.

The World Psychiatric Association found that adults who engaged in exercise regularly had enhanced cognitive functioning.

Healthline reports some of the benefits of an active lifestyle to include feeling happier, helping with weight loss, increased energy, and increased muscle and bone health.

We all want to cash in on those perks!

So how do we reap the benefits of an active lifestyle when we are chained to a chair most of the day?

A meta-analysis study published in the British Journal of Medicine has found the right amount of exercise to counter the negative impact of a mostly sedentary life.

And it’s not spending 2 hours in the gym before and after work!

Thank goodness because who has time for that?

According to the research, only 30-40 minutes of mild to vigorous physical activity daily will reduce the negative effects of sitting for an extended period of time.

This number was not agreed upon lightly.

Scientists had to follow 44,370 men and women from 4-14 and half years before analyzing the data to come up with reliable results.

Overall, as one would expect, it was found that “higher sedentary time is associated with higher mortality in less active individuals.”

It is no coincidence that 35 minutes of exercise a day is also the sweet spot for decreasing the risk of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), reports Real Simple.

This time of year, especially during a pandemic, it is more important than ever to be preventative with SAD, by staying mindful with our diet and exercise, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

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This does not mean that you have to run out and get a gym membership (and not that you could with all the mandates and closures occurring across the country), but that establishing an attainable fitness goal is essential for your well-being.

Start small, like beginning your day with some stretching and light calisthenics.

As you get comfortable with your new schedule, experiment with adding weight to your exercise routine, or increasing the intensity.

Mommy Underground is here to help with some tips to get on track with your fitness if you are struggling with where to start.

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Don’t let a sedentary life take over your health and begin moving today for a better tomorrow.

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