Every Christian Should Be Aware Of This Rising Influence On The Liberal Agenda

Every conservative American is aware of the destruction of the family by an increasingly progressive agenda.

Our mainstream media and the entertainment industry, our education system, and even our churches are being taken over with liberal propaganda aimed at destroying our Christian values once and for all.

But there is one evil you may not be aware of that is increasingly being used by radical progressives in an attempt to change our nation forever.

Our society has increasingly turned away from God.  The family unit is forever changed.  Our schools have become indoctrination centers.  

Even the Word of God is being twisted and altered when it comes to marriage, homosexuality, and gender.  The moral compass of our society may never be righted.

Of all of the shocking immoral changes that have occurred in recent decades, they are dwarfed by something really evil being used in the political realm to further this agenda.


Many may think that witchcraft and the occult are part of history, and we can’t imagine they are still relevant in modern times.

But the “dark arts” are still being practiced by an unlikely group of people – fairly educated, middle-class, outwardly normal Americans who have fallen prey to this evil and are using it to change society.

The number of people practicing Wicca, a form of witchcraft, for example, has quadrupled in the last 30 years.  A Pew Research Study in 2014 found that there may be up to 1.5 million Wiccans in the U.S. alone.

Mainstream publications like Teen Vogue have even targeted teens with tips on the practice.

And during the recent November elections, the organization that coordinates the Women’s March – a counter-demonstration of the March for Life – called on women to “cast spells” and use witchcraft to defeat the conservative movement.

And this isn’t the first time.

During Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the Women’s March posted support for “hexes” and spells against conservatives, including Kavanaugh and President Trump.

In fact, there is an emerging leader in bringing witchcraft back into modern-day practice.  Michael M. Hughes is the author of Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change, a book that encourages and teaches progressives how to achieve the change they want.

If Americans don’t want to adopt this agenda on their own, they believe that dark magic will create the uber-liberal, socialist utopia they desire.

Hughes offers spells for “protection of the Earth,” the rights of illegal immigrants, the destruction of the Second Amendment, and a mass extermination of the unborn in the name of women’s “rights.”

It’s no surprise the Women’s March is supportive of the movement.  Other progressive activist groups are now beginning to adopt witchcraft as a way to “save” America from Christianity and conservative values.

Hughes’ popularity is growing due to a ritual he created that he now estimates has thousands of participants a month after it went viral following the 2016 election of President Trump.

Each month, self-labeled witches all across the country perform this ritual — aimed at preventing the President’s re-election and helping ensure his policies fail.

It involves a picture of the President, “a tarot card, the stump of an orange candle, a pin, and a feather,” according to a Washington Examiner story about Hughes.

This “binding” spell is now drawing together “covens” of witches all around the world after garnering national media attention in an increasingly divided political climate.

Hughes wants Americans to feel “re-empowered,” a term already used by progressive women in their effort to destroy the traditional family and murder the unborn.

Hughes believes that people are turning to paganism and witchcraft because they feel helpless in society.

“They’re embracing spiritual paths, spiritual ideas that allow them to be empowered in their spirituality without that middleman,” he said in the Examiner article.

This is what happens when a society turns away from God – from his Commandments and Word – and completely tries to undo what God intended for humanity.

And this is the type of course that has led to the downfall of many civilizations.

While it may seem ludicrous – just another “trend” that will soon be forgotten – it’s far more dangerous than we can imagine.

And one priest has a warning for progressives who think it’s all fun and games.

Father Vincent Lampert told the Washington Examiner that, “Some of them may be doing it thinking it’s just fun, but they are gambling with evil, and just because their motive is one way doesn’t mean they’re not opening up an entry point for evil in their own life.”

We’ve seen the progressive movement “gamble with evil” for years by pushing a culture of death and a hatred of Christianity.

But this latest push to normalize witchcraft is taking it to a frightening new level.

What do you think of the increase in Americans turning to the occult in the name of political change?  Leave us your comments.



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