Facebook’s “Small Print” Should Frighten Every American

It’s no secret that America’s mainstream media outlets are overwhelmingly biased.

They spin and manipulate the news to meet the desires of left-wing corporations, Hollywood elites, and progressive politicians.

This has caused an obvious plan to censor conservatives, but you won’t believe how intentional and widespread the process has become.

Almost immediately after the inception of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we started seeing censorship of conservative speech and support for left-wing ideology.

Many conservative groups and activists have been accused of “hate speech,” even labeled “hate groups,” for standing up for traditional values or conservative Christian beliefs.

It offends the left, who declares our beliefs are discriminatory – all the while discriminating against the majority of Americans who push back against their plans of takeover.

Facebook is perhaps the most notable of the social media platforms and most in the news for their involvement in conservative censorship.

They’ve created “Community Standards ” meant only to protect and promote progressive propaganda, and Facebook’s corporate leadership has even been called to testify before Congress on the matter. 

It doesn’t seem to have accomplished anything.

In fact, Facebook has continued to act like their platform is one for the free expression of all Americans, while working hard to make sure that theirs is the only message that is heard.

Early in 2019, the social media giant created a new algorithm that targeted and flagged conservative posts.

It caused “engagement” of conservatives and even the President’s own page to fall into a downward spiral, while the rants of rabid socialists like Bernie Sanders suffered no effect.

Facebook banned top conservative activists like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, and pages with “right-wing,” “conservative,” and even “Christian” saw a dramatic drop in followers.

Not because people stopped engaging in their posts, but because the posts were being censored or removed altogether.

And now, they’ve taken it a shocking step further.

Facebook recently updated their criteria for items that are not allowed to be posted.

The list includes making threats of “high-severity violence” or death threats against any individual or organization.

But, there’s a caveat.

Apparently, threats of death or severe violence are allowed if they are made against an individual or group that Facebook has listed as “Dangerous Individuals or Organizations.”

Then, it’s okay to make threats.  And we’ll bet you know what that means.

Threats are allowed if they’re directed toward individuals like those same conservative activists – Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and others — who have been banned from Facebook.

Their regulations say that threats of death and violence are banned, “unless the target is an organization or individual covered in the Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, or is described as having carried out violent crimes or sexual offenses, wherein criminal/predator status has been established by media reports, market knowledge of news event…”

Note, threats can also be made if they stem from a “media report” – from the biased left-wing media, that is.

In other words, Facebook has created a policy that allows the threat of violence – or even death – against people and groups that the tech giant doesn’t like anyway.

Unbelievable – and illegal in most countries to boot.

Two of these individuals are conservative figures Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer.  Both have filed suit against Facebook for defamation and inciting violence.

And what does Facebook have to say?

What they always have – empty words to try to keep themselves out of legal hot water.  They have responded that their language was “imprecise” and that it is being misinterpreted.

Their argument for giving permission to make threats of violence or death against identified “dangerous” persons or groups is so that users can express their beliefs about terrorism or the death penalty, to name a few, in accordance with their First Amendment right to free speech.

But the First Amendment doesn’t apply to conservatives in their book.

If you’ve ever questioned just how intentional Facebook’s censorship of conservatives is, this should leave little doubt in anyone’s minds.

It remains to be seen what comes of the legal action being taken by these conservative activists who have been targeted by Facebook, but one thing is clear – they continue to receive disturbing threats of violence.

Including death threats, complete with obscene and shocking language.  And they’re being encouraged by Facebook to do so.  When will Facebook and other social media platforms be held accountable for their bias?

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It’s just another sickening symptom of the rampant disease that is dividing our nation.

Conservatives, who base their values on hundreds of years of tradition and social norms, are being silenced to spread a progressive agenda developed only recently, and which is supported by a very small part of the population.

If this type of practice doesn’t frighten you, it should.  It is getting worse every day, and there will be little left of the values and beliefs we cherish if we stand by and do nothing.

What do you think of Facebook’s disturbing language which seems to condone threats against conservatives?  Leave us your comments.