Gender Reveal Announcement Turns Deadly

Photo by Frederick Medina on Unsplash


There is a party for everything nowadays – birthday, leaving for college, new job, and many more.

However, bringing a new life into this world is certainly something to celebrate, and with modern technology allowing us to see the gender long before that memorable day where we get to meet our new baby, celebrating the revelation of their gender has become a mainstay.

It is not sufficient anymore to just bring out a pink bow or blue bowtie, gender reveals have become more elaborate, more expensive, and downright more dangerous – and one dad learned this in the most awful way imaginable.

Undoubtedly, parents, grandparents, and friends have come up with fun and clever ways to let mom and dad know if they are getting a little boy or girl come delivery day.

But between social media and an innumerable amount of gender reveal parties, people are always trying to one up the last guy on how they perform the presentation.

In New York, Christopher Pekny, along with his brother Michael tried to construct a device that would let the world know he was excited to find out the gender of his child in the womb.

The device, which seemingly was to explode a cloud of pink or blue when ignited, blew up prematurely.

Devastatingly, Christopher drew his last breath in preparation for the coming of his little one.

The New York State Police responded to an explosion reported, according to Yahoo News, only to find the 28-year-old father-to-be deceased on the property.

Michael was injured in the blast but is expected to survive.

The State Police and the bomb disposal unit are investigating the situation, but will likely only find the mistakes of an overzealous father.

At this time there are no charges being filed against Christopher or his brother, according to a spokesperson for the NYSP.

This may seem like a rare and unusual accident, but with the rise of gender reveal parties there has been a rise in accidents related to the events.

Yahoo News reports of an uncanny accident in 2017:

“A U.S. border patrol agent fired a gunshot that sparked a wildfire in Arizona, causing millions of dollars of damages in the process.”

Then again in 2019, an unsuspecting grandma on the sidelines of a gender reveal party was hit by a “flying piece of debris” after a device exploded.

The worst part is that it wasn’t even the actual event, the family was only trying to decide which avenue they were going to choose to reveal the gender of the child on social media.

One of the worst mishaps yet for the popular party was the ignition of the El Dorado wildfire in California by a pyrotechnic device used for revealing the gender of a child.

These fires wiped out almost 20,000 acres of land, forced hundreds to evacuate, and took the life of one brave firefighter who fought the flames relentlessly.

With all this being said, it is not dangerous or irresponsible to have a gender reveal party (unless it is for your 20-year-old daughter who wants to be a man, as Mommy Underground has previously reported).

Please reveal this exciting information in a way that does not involve a bomb squad or live ammunition, and have a happy revealing!

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