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Wacky Liberal Claims Gender Reveal Parties Are “Transphobic” Because “Biological Sex” Doesn’t Exist

  Many parents delight at the excitement of finding out the gender of their baby and often throw a gender reveal party to reveal the surprise. But according to LGBT activists – parents are “incorrect” and “transphobic” to even think about hosting these types of parties. And once you hear […]

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Gender Reveal Announcement Turns Deadly

  There is a party for everything nowadays – birthday, leaving for college, new job, and many more. However, bringing a new life into this world is certainly something to celebrate, and with modern technology allowing us to see the gender long before that memorable day where we get to […]

Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

  One of the most exciting joys of being pregnant is discovering whether you are having a girl or boy. Gender reveal parties are all the rage, with moms releasing blue balloons into the sky announcing they are having a boy or cutting the cake to reveal pink filling for […]