Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


One of the most exciting joys of being pregnant is discovering whether you are having a girl or boy.

Gender reveal parties are all the rage, with moms releasing blue balloons into the sky announcing they are having a boy or cutting the cake to reveal pink filling for a girl.

As families celebrate the birth of new life – one family decided to join the fun and have a gender reveal party – except their daughter is 17.

In one of the most bizarre gender reveal parties ever, one mom went on a rant and claimed while she told the world they were having a girl 17 years earlier… they now realize they “got it wrong” and their teenage daughter is now their “teenage son.”

The deranged mom continued to announce she’ll now be referring to her daughter in both male and “non-binary” pronouns like “they/them.”

Parents reported:

“We wanted to announce that we got it wrong 17 years ago when we told the world we were having a little girl, and named that child McKenzie,” she wrote alongside the images, taken by photographer Sarah McBride. “So, we’d like to introduce you to our SON: Grey. He’s much like any other 17-year-old nerdy boy, stays up way to late gaming, hates showering, and eats too much junk food. We will be referring to Grey with he/him pronouns from here on out, but he told us to tell you that he also doesn’t mind if you use they/them.”

In her announcement, she decided to host a gender reveal party for her daughter, allowing her to publicly change herself into a “boy” for the world to see.

Even more heartbreaking, this mom involved their young children in the process to celebrate the “transition.”

It’s one thing when a teenager is struggling with gender-identity and needs therapy and counseling to deal with their issues.

But how sad, instead of getting their daughter the counseling she clearly needed, the parents set her up for failure by supporting and encouraging her daughter to live as a boy.

Studies show those who have gender dysphoria and make “transitions” often grow into depressed and suicidal adults.

Children and teens need sound parents with wisdom to help them stay the course when they go off course.

Instead, this mom has further led to the demise of her own daughter.

Of course, the LGBT community is labeling this mom a hero, and showering her with praise for throwing her teenage daughter a gender reveal party.

The mom defended her actions, claiming that “sometimes” society gets it right by “labeling” a child’s gender based on what they are when they are born… but then sometimes they get it “wrong.”

Teenagers consistently receive the message gender is something they can “reject” and ignore.

Sadly, this mom wasn’t the first to do a bizarre gender reveal party for a teenager, and she most likely won’t be the last.

One can only hope these teens will come in contact with solid adults who can steer them back on course before they face irreparable damage.

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