Teen Vogue Brainwashes Teenagers To “Reject Gender”

The media’s assault on our teenagers continues, and it’s no surprise Teen Vogue is leading the charge.

Knowing that teenage girls savor every word of their beloved teen magazines, leftist execs use this platform as an opportunity to promote everything from abortion to promiscuity.

And the latest Teen Vogue attack keeps up with the trend and releases a scathing video telling teens that “binary gender” (male and female) doesn’t really exist and you won’t believe what they are telling teens to do.

The video is composed of men and women (some obviously homosexual and “transgender”) telling teens that one’s biological sex organs don’t determine their gender.

The Daily Wire reported some of the wackiest comments which say:

“We all have characteristics that are typically male and typically female and it is really about political choices, social factors, ideological choices, that we assign meaning to different parts of our body. So the meaning may be that they meant, most of us are taught that if you have a vagina, you’re a girl; or if you have a penis, you’re a boy.”

“Too many people still believe that there’s such a thing as a true sex and that it comes from your chromosomes. It’s not the case. Science has known this for decades and it’s actually a consensus in science and uncontroversial.”

The video is absolutely nuts and full of insane delusional rants from a bunch of kids who are clearly confused themselves.

The video continues with a girl claiming that while history used to determine one’s biological sex, history has “shifted” and now the rules are “you are who you say you are.”

The latest push tells teens to adopt an “intersex” gender, which means a person is both male and female.

One guy (who is apparently trying to be a woman) says he is a woman “whether or not doctors agree.”

Encouraging teens to deny their biological sex and instead choose their own gender is sickening.

Teenagers are confused enough these days, and with the media blasting them with “transgender” lies, it only deepens their confusion.

And to those who truly struggle with gender dysphoria, Teen Vogue’s false acknowledgment that gender doesn’t actually exist leaves these teenagers further stuck in their mental illness.

This latest campaign shows Teen Vogue only cares about exploiting the mental illness of confused teenagers for financial gain.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, the vulgarity of this magazine has done everything from encourage underage girls to be “proud” of their abortions to encourage other teens to kill their babies by marketing abortion as “funny”.

And even though the magazine has been ripped off the shelves, Teen Vogue continues their online presence to damage more lives.

It’s sick the adults at Teen Vogue continue to use teenagers to push their anti-life and pro-LGBT agenda.

And the worst part is, Teen Vogue is actually forcing teens into an even deeper despair, as studies now show those who adopt a “transgender” lifestyle are at a greater risk of suicide.

Want to see for yourself the lies being pushed upon our youth?

You can see the video for yourself below.

What are your thoughts on the new Teen Vogue video telling teens to “reject” gender?

Why do you think so many young teens continue to look up to Teen Vogue as a source of truth?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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