Gift Your Children Experiences Not Things This Holiday Season

Christmas time is almost here, and children are being blasted with ads encouraging them to pressure mom and dad to buy them the latest and greatest.

The truth is, many households are already drowning in stuff – and many of the toys children own they don’t even play with.

But now so more than ever, many parents are stopping the overflow of cheap plastic goods into their homes and opting to gift experiences instead. 

Gone are the days of needing to buy children multiple toys and gifts to prove they are loved.

And this  Christmas season, think outside of the box and consider the opportunities to give your child a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Membership Pass

Many attractions have yearly membership passes to enjoy visiting a favorite place as frequently as one wants!

From amusement parks to aquariums, consider if your child has a passion for a certain activity or place.

Often times purchasing a membership pass pays for itself in only a few visits!

Fun Day Activities

Not ready to commit to a membership pass or prefer variety?

Give your child the gift of being able to “choose their own adventure.”

From an indoor trampoline park to an amusement park, there are hundreds of options to choose from to customize a personal experience for your child. 

Depending on the price, you can even factor in purchasing one activity to do quarterly or even monthly if the price is right!

Imagine the joy your child will feel when they are still enjoying their gift even after Christmas is over! 

Learning Experiences

Is your child an inspiring artist? Do they want to know how to cook like the pros? What about learning karate or even gymnastics?

If your child gravitates towards a particular area, before spending hundreds of dollars encouraging their hobby, consider purchasing lessons first to see if they are really willing to cultivate their hobby.

USA Today reported:

“Lessons are a great way to test the waters of your child’s commitment toward their latest obsession. They get to try horseback riding or dancing to see if it’s a good fit before taking the plunge”.

Memories Are More Valuable Than Stuff

This Christmas, you can teach your child the value of investing in experiences that create lifelong memories instead of needing to find temporal joy in the latest toy.

That’s not to say you can’t buy your child anything, but get out of the habit of thinking all gifts have to be physical possessions.

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Instead, your child can have a wide variety of experiences, that will not only cultivate their hobbies but will make them more well-rounded.

In addition, they’ll love the fact that even though Christmas is over, they can keep on receiving the gift all throughout the year.

As a bonus, you can spend quality time with your children and have fun watching them experience new things!

What are your thoughts on gifting experiences instead of material possessions?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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