Has Your Family Seen This Hit Film?  It Can Provide An Opportunity To Discuss Faith

With all of the exciting things going on for families this time of year, sometimes it’s nice to find a quiet activity that everyone enjoys.

Many families enjoy the tradition of going to the movies on a cold day over the kids’ Christmas break, or even on Christmas Day after all of the frenzy of the morning.

If you’re one of these families, we’re sure there are certain movies on your radar – including one blockbuster sequel that nearly every child has seen, or is likely to see, this Christmas season.

Frozen 2 – the sequel to 2013’s smash hit Frozen — was released following years of hype, the usual heavily-marketed merchandise, and plenty of families planning when they would see it.

Since the movie is a Disney production, many parents are aware that there are often inappropriate references included in their films to help keep parents entertained alongside their children.

For the most part, there is nothing particularly questionable in Frozen 2 in that regard, but it is a darker film than its predecessor, and it does include some heavy themes that parents may want to use as conversation starters.

Christian parents can use the themes in the movie to launch important discussions about our faith.

For one, the film is heavily centered around magic and the spirit world – that spirits take the form of animals or natural elements like fire and water.  

This may be confusing for our children, so it is important to remind them that this is just fantasy.  Only God creates all the animals and natural elements in our world, and He is always creating and sustaining his creation.

However, we also need to remind our children that – unlike the talking animal and natural spirits in the film – God is not physically present in these elements.  Not since Jesus walked the Earth has God been in an earthly form.

It is also important to remind our kids that only God is in control of all of creation, and it is by his guidance – not magic – that we meet our potential and fight the forces of evil by staying steadfast in His love.

The Frozen movies are about the love and bond between sisters, their sacrifices, and their desire to do anything to protect one another.

It is also a film about doing what is right, so this may be another good topic of discussion between parents and their children.

What should we do when we see something going on that is wrong?  What does God want us to do in these situations?  Like the sisters, how do we feel when we are faced with the unknown?

It’s a good time to teach our kids that God has it all under control.  He has a purpose and plan for all of us, and we are not meant to know the future.  We are called to show God’s love to others and trust in Him alone.

One of the most frightening plot points of the film for young children is the theme of Elsa and Anna’s parents’ deaths.  

Circling back to the discussion of fearing the unknown – the future – we can reassure our children that love is never-ending.  Frozen 2 goes into more detail about the impact of their parents’ death on the sisters, and this may be scary for little ones.

Love is a core theme of the movie, however, and perhaps its best quality – the fact that family sticks together through good and bad, and that the love between family members cannot be broken.  Love is created by God, and God is seen in every act of love – it is permanent.

Elsa and Anna often feel they can overcome anything because they have everything needed within themselves, but this idea should be discussed with small children.  

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None of us are able to take on the evil that may be in the world without God.  And none of us are able to survive out of His presence.  While human beings can do amazing things, we are helpless without God to guide us.

Finally, there are a few parts of the film that may scare young children – giants, sword fights, scary creatures, and the main characters finding themselves in danger.  

Just like with any fantasy movie with monsters, mythical creatures, or scary villains, it may be necessary to remind little ones that it’s just a movie and that these creatures are pretend.  

Imagination is a special gift, and we can reassure our children that these scenes are just the result of someone’s imagination at work.

Whether you choose to see the film or avoid it due to its themes of animism, magic, fear and loss, you can use the opportunity to start conversations about our Christian faith – even if it’s to discuss the reasons you don’t want your child to see the film.

Frozen 2 does offer a few beneficial themes, such as the unbreakable bond of family, the power of love, and that we all need someone to lean on in times of trouble.

Have you seen Frozen 2 with your children?  What did you think of its “heavier” themes?  Leave us your thoughts.