Here’s How You Can Fulfill Christmas Wishes For Underprivileged Kids


Every Christmas season many children make a list of gifts and toys they long for Santa to bring – and sure enough they end up experiencing the joy of opening presents each Christmas.

Not that Christmas should be focused around presents – but one can’t help and smile at the joy a little one experiences as they rip open the wrapping paper to play with their new toy.

Except some children never get to experience Christmas like other kids, because their families are without the means to provide for them.

Other children don’t even have families, and are tossed around in the system, feeling forever displaced.

In fact, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 15 million children live in families whose incomes are below the poverty threshold.

And many of these underprivileged children are used to going without.

The United States Postal Service knows this reality all too well, as they receive letters from children addressed to Santa each year. 

In fact, back in 1912 the Postmaster General decided to allow employees who worked at the post office to respond to the children’s letters.

Flash forward to today – many non-profits and businesses are involved in responding to these letters too and are helping make a child’s Christmas wish come true.

But what’s even more incredible is you can help fulfill the wish of a child too!

Children simply write their letter to Santa and mail it to “123 Elf Road, North Pole 88888”.

The post office then takes these letters and posts them online for people to “adopt” a letter and fulfill the wish of a child! 

That’s right, from the comfort of your home you can actually read a child’s letter to Santa and help a child get their Christmas wish. 

Parents reported:

Secret Santa benefactors can log in to and create an account. By setting a few filters, preferred city, size of family, budget, and more, members of the public can scroll through dear Santa letters and adopt the one (or ones) they choose.

The wish-fulfilling packages are shipped through participating post office locations directly to the children who sent the letters.”

And don’t worry – there are safety precautions put in place to protect the name and address of the child.

According to the UPS website, all addresses and last names are retracted.

All those who wish to “adopt” a letter must provide a valid state or federal ID.

This program is a beautiful way to think about others during this holiday season.

While it’s sad to think about a child missing out on Christmas, the good news is you can make sure that doesn’t happen!

Consider fulfilling the wish of an underprivileged child and answering one of the letters.

It’s small acts of kindness that truly can make a difference in the life of another. 

Were you surprised to learn a child can write and mail a letter to Santa?

Would you consider adopting a child’s letter this Christmas?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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