How To Crush It As A Stay At Home Mom

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Whether you are a new stay at home mom due to the coronavirus, or even if you’ve been doing it for years, it can be challenging to adjust to the “new normal” way of life of being at home.

Your kids always seem to need something, and you may feel inadequate at the challenge of managing everything by yourself.

Not to mention you likely get asked the dreaded question “So what exactly do you do all day?”, as if you just lay around in your PJs and watch soap operas while eating ice cream.

Or maybe you compare yourself to the stay at home moms who seem to have it all together – a Pinterest perfect organizational home and a perfectly manicured front yard.

The good news is – you can rock at it as a stay at home mom if you learn to adapt.

Here are a few tips to get you started.


Make Your Own Rules

The best part about being a stay at home mom is making your own rules.

You get to decide what your family eats, how the house is organized, what activities your kids get to do, and how to handle any other thing that gets thrown your way.

But total anarchy isn’t the best idea – it’s good to have a plan in place so your children aren’t bored out of their minds.

Make a schedule so they know what to expect – including when to get dressed, eat meals, and do any school work that’s needed.

Come up with some creative crafts your children can do to show off their artistic abilities and leave plenty of time for free play!

As for you, the good news is – you aren’t playing by anyone else’s rules.

If you want to keep leggings on all day and wear your hair in a messy bun? Do it.

Take lunch at 12pm or 2pm – whatever works best!

You’ll come to enjoy the freedom of managing your household without an overbearing boss breathing down your neck.


Get Moving!

Likely, your little ones have a lot of energy they are just waiting to get out.

And the worst thing you can do is keep ‘em trapped inside all day.

With the current coronavirus situation it definitely makes it more difficult to be as active as you once were, but this doesn’t mean you need to give up physical activity.

Think of some creative games you can play right in your backyard that will encourage your kids to be active.

Make your own “obstacle course” complete with old tires to hop through and a jump-roping station.

Come up with an exercise “gym class” routine your kids can do each morning.

Get creative!

And moms don’t forget, you need the endorphin rush you get from exercise too.

So run around with your little ones, or get up early in the morning and do some stretching or jogging before they get up.


Give Yourself Grace

Don’t expect everything to be perfect.

The kids will spill stuff.

Your laundry will pile up.

And no, you won’t always seem like you “have it all together.”

But know that you are doing one of the most valuable things in life, giving your children time – a gift that is priceless.

Enjoy every moment, they aren’t young forever!

In addition – don’t forget to give yourself some serious credit!

You are running the home, taking care of children, and many of you are even making some money on the side.

As many moms stay home due to the coronavirus, chances are they’ll have a whole new level of respect for moms who have been doing this for years.

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