In This New Era, Political Sexual Predators Have Finally Been Put On Notice

The game is up for sexual predators.

The recent onslaught of public exposure has blown open the dark curtain of sexual secrets and exposed the sexual harassment and assault women face every day.

And now, with all eyes on them, sexual predators have nowhere to hide, and lawmakers are finally forced to act.

You see, in the past, lawmakers often brushed the claims of sexual harassment under the rug.

Some of it was denial, other times it was a blatant cover-up.

In fact, as Mommy Underground previously reported, Congress was using American taxpayer dollars  to fund their victim slush fund, designed to silence sexual assault victims.

And while politicians could buy off victims in the past, the rules have changed.

Because of the public outcry, politicians know they are on notice, and the world is watching.

And now, lawmakers are scrambling to come up with sexual assault policies, and provide mandatory training to their teams.

Breitbart reported:

“A 50-state review by The Associated Press found that almost all legislative chambers now have at least some type of written sexual harassment policy, though they vary widely, and many are placing a greater emphasis on preventing and punishing sexual misconduct as they convene for their 2018 sessions.

 This week alone, lawmakers in Arizona, Idaho and Rhode Island underwent detailed training about sexual harassment, some for the first time.”

 While this is a good start, it doesn’t go far enough.

Having a written policy telling politicians to stop groping females should be a given.

In fact, it’s sad there actually has to be a policy in place telling men not to sexually harass women.

But, this is the reality we live in.

However, now that politicians have been put on notice and the scrutiny of their actions is more prominent, they may just fall in line.

Thankfully, there are some local leaders who are speaking out, and demanding a stop to the sexual harassment of women.

Breitbart continued:

“Let’s treat all women — regardless of their background, their age, their political affiliation, their role in the process — as ladies, as we would like anybody to treat our wives, our daughters, mothers, sisters,” said J.D. Mesnard, the Republican who heads the Arizona state House, where lawmakers took part in mandated sexual harassment training this week.

 A wave of sexual misconduct claims against prominent figures in entertainment, media and politics gained momentum last fall after a multitude of women made allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

 In the past year, at least 14 legislators in 10 states have resigned from office following accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct, according to the AP’s review.

 At least 16 others in more than a dozen states have faced other repercussions, such as the voluntary or forced removal from legislative leadership positions.

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 Some others remain defiant in the face of ongoing investigations into sexual harassment complaints.”

 In a hyper-sexualized society, where people hoist up Hugh Hefner and deem him a “hero”, while simultaneously attacking traditional values, it isn’t a surprise sexual assault trickles down to the political level.

It’s a good start to implement training, but politicians should take notice – the world is watching and the game is up.

Do you think all politicians should attend mandatory sexual assault training?

Why do you think so many politicians have been busted in the recent weeks?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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