Incredible Group Brings Theater To Life For Sick Kids 

Children who are chronically sick or physically disabled are often forgotten about.

Not being able to attend regular parties like other kids, they are usually rushed around to doctor appointments, follow up visits, and medical treatments.

The stress is often brutal on families – and that’s why one group’s ability to provide relief is changing everything. 

You see, all kids have the same desire to be included in life’s activities and have fun – after all, kids are kids.

One lady knew this truth deep to her soul, having spent many years volunteering with sick children.

And because of her heart and love for these children, she created an incredible non-profit that would change the lives of these children forever. 

Deciding if children couldn’t come to see plays and events on their own –volunteers should come to them!

This brilliant idea launched the non-profit Only Make Believe (OMB) which sends professional actors armed with a painted trunk full of fun costumes and props to literally bring theater to sick children!

Even sweeter, they encourage audience participation and allow the children to wear different costume items and participate in interactive activities.

Only Make Believe visits hospital wards where children are chronically ill or suffering from other physiological issues. 

They also spend time with children who are physically disabled and unable to move around.

And in return, the children get to be entertained by a theater presentation, put on by actors with not only talent, but a compassionate heart. 

Parents reported:

“Our primary goal is to make each and every child feel special, safe and have fun. OMB allows them to simply be kids playing and having fun. Each child takes an active part in creating a world of fantasy and fun that transcends the boundaries of the hospital walls.”

This non-profit is beautiful – and such an encouragement to sick children who feel like the world has forgotten all about them.

And what a blessing to the families that complete strangers are taking the time to learn a short play and present it to their children – while encouraging their participation as they are able!

Moms with children with special needs or chronically ill children need a network of people around them showing support and love.

So many times people are quick to abandon families who are going through tough times, because nobody knows what to say or do.

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Thankfully more and more organizations and businesses are doing their part to make the load a little lighter.

Cheers to Only Make Believe for creating lasting memories for children and bringing joy back into their lives.

What are your thoughts on the non-profit Only Make Believe?

What are some ways you could help support a mom who is raising a child with special needs or other medical disability?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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