It Begins – College Campus Labels Pro-Life Group As “Hate Group”

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College campuses are known to be breeding grounds for future leftist activists – and the liberal faculty are usually the ones leading the charge.

When it comes to getting involved, students have a long list of liberal groups to choose from – such as Pro-LGBT groups and other anti-family clubs.

But when conservative students try and have their own groups – they are met with fierce opposition – and this latest move at a college campus in Iowa shows just how low the left will go to promote their agenda.

When a group of conservative students at an Iowa campus wanted to start a pro-life group – the liberal student government members objected in the worst way.

The conservatives hoped to start a Students For Life chapter, which is the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization.

Their mission is to recruit, train, and mobilize the younger generation to hopefully one day abolish abortion.

There are Students For Life chapters all across the country – mainly on college campuses.

But when conservative students tried to start a chapter on their campus to speak out against abortion, the student government actually had the nerve to label them a “hate group.”

As if standing up for unborn babies is something hateful.

The student senators went on a rampage and began making bold accusations, even comparing this pro-life group to white supremacist groups – and of course using the tired liberal narrative that pro-life groups are “anti-women”.

Young America’s Foundation reported:

“Approving this bill is the same thing as approving a supremacist group,” one senator noted. “You’re saying you support them to violate women’s rights.”

“This is a hate group, this is hate speech, this is hateful rhetoric that is infringing on basic human rights that is healthcare,” senator Max Tensen noted.

You see, liberals often use the term “racist” and “hate group” to shut down their opposition.

They figure if a group is labeled as a “hate group” – the stigma alone will cause groups to collapse or prevent them from forming.

Again, liberals claim all they want is “tolerance” – but they are intolerant to anyone who disagrees with their narrative.

Instead of allowing dissenting voices, they use their “power” to shut them down.”

While the student government denied allowing the pro-life group to form – thankfully the students appealed the decision.

Surprisingly, the University staff were actually the ones encouraging the group to appeal – stating they didn’t support having any students first amendment rights violated.

Sadly, the conservative students lost their appeal, as the “supreme court” on campus backed the leftist student government body.

The Des Moines Register reported:

“The court’s majority decision states that the Students for Life application is “lacking in evidence of being an equitable, just, and welcoming student organization for our students and community found on campus of the University of Northern Iowa.”

Not giving up the fight, these conservative students are now appealing the decision to the university president himself.

It’s a sad day when conservative students can’t even have their own pro-life group on a college campus.

Even worse, this is just a taste at what is to come.

These college kids will all graduate someday, and many will likely continue on their path of liberal activism further damaging everything this country stands for.

One can only hope conservative students continue to stand on traditional principles and shine as a beacon of light against the radical left-wing activists.

The future of America depends on them.

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