Judge Backs LGBT Activists Over Children And Forbids Parents To Know The Truth

As LGBT activists continue to push their agenda into schools, parents are starting to wake up to the assault being placed at their children.

But now, LGBT activists have switched gears to a new tactic which makes things even worse.

And even more horrific, they are deliberately keeping parents in the dark at what is taking place behind closed doors.

LGBT activists have figured out the mass public doesn’t buy the “transgender” propaganda they are trying to sell.

So “transgender” activists have now decided to adjust their tactics and target children.

After all, children are young and impressionable, so LGBT activists figure they are the perfect avenue to carry out the sick LGBT agenda.

But there’s a catch.

LGBT activists know parents won’t allow this type of curriculum to be forced onto their children.

In the past, they’ve tried to get parent “buy in”, but many parents revolted.

In a major way.

Some parents pulled their children out of schools.

Others organized “sex ed” protests.

But one thing was certain – parents refused to sit back and watch the LGBT agenda be thrusted upon their children.

So, in a desperate attempt to keep their narrative of “tolerance”, LGBT activists have switched gears, and are still pushing the same material, except now they are deliberately choosing to leave parents in the dark.

Which means, LGBT activists want parents completely blind to what is taking place in schools.

And even more terrifying, they have the courts to back them up.

Parents formed a coalition and pleaded their case – telling horrific stories of how their children were convinced they were “transgender”, and had been exposed to perverted material.

However, the judge refused to listen to the pleas of the parents.

LifeSite News reported:

“Ten individual parents were also in the coalition, asserting that keeping parents “in the dark” threatens the safety of some of Alberta’s most vulnerable and “at-risk” children.

Two of the parents presented testimony that they had children in GSAs who had become convinced that they were “transgender” and had been encouraged by their club to act out their opposite gender role at school, which led to “psychological distress” and suicide attempts.

Judge Kubik dismissed these accounts as “largely hearsay in nature.”

But as Mommy Underground has previously reported, it’s not “hearsay”.

One little boy became “terrified” he would turn into a girl, after witnessing a “transgender” ceremony in his kindergarten class.

This child was traumatized, because without consenting parents, a kindergarten teacher decided to promote a “transgender” agenda to her students.

A teacher has no right to go against the wishes of a parent, or keep them in the dark as to what is actually taking place inside the classroom.

Parents are in charge of their children, not leftist school officials.

For a judge to think it’s acceptable to keep parents in the dark, as school officials cozy up to LGBT activists and create a perverse agenda, is simply unacceptable.

Even with parents pleading of psychological distress and suicide attempts, LGBT activists don’t care.

They are so determined to push their agenda through, anyone who gets in the way is deemed a causality.

Do you think parents should be kept in the dark at what activities their children partake in at school?

Do you agree with the judge’s decision to allow children to join LGBT clubs without notifying their parents?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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