Ladies Beware! Your Beauty Products Have Just Made A Deal With Planned Parenthood

Moms beware – popular makeup lines have just brokered a deal with the devil, and even worse your dollars are paying for it.

You might purchase a lipstick from the store and think nothing of it, right?

But thanks to a new deal with these two massive beauty lines, your next makeup purchase may actually be going to kill unborn babies.

Most of us would never dream of donating money to organizations like Planned Parenthood who are blatantly pro-abortion.

After all, why would pro-lifers want to spend money helping abortionists kill more unborn babies?

But what you may not know is two makeup companies, Benefit and M∙A∙C have committed to raising millions for Planned Parenthood off their cosmetic sales.

Which means a young girl may be purchasing an eyeshadow not knowing her contribution is going to line the financial coffers of Planned Parenthood.

The partnership is being touted as helping “women and girls healthcare” when nothing could be further from the truth.

The goal of the staff at Benefit and M∙A∙C is to promote Planned Parenthood and raise money for the abortion provider.

And pro-lifers everywhere know, Planned Parenthood is not pro-women – they are pro-abortion.

Boasting in their status and ability to help Planned Parenthood, Nancy Mahon, the global executive director of the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund told Refinery 29:

“We’re a big, really successful cosmetic company, so we hope that the fact that we care about the issue will attract corporate donors to Planned Parenthood, and make it known that it’s not scary to do this.”

Yet again, mainstream companies are trying to make abortion seem “cool” to teenagers, at the same time working behind the scenes to attract “corporate donors.”

Planned Parenthood’s CEO Leana Wen was delighted to promote the fact that makeup lines were on board with supporting Planned Parenthood.

In a statement on Planned Parenthood’s website, Wen wrote:

“We’re so grateful for the generous support of Benefit Cosmetics and M∙A∙C Cosmetics, which will help us continue to provide millions of people with the health care, information, and education they need to be empowered to lead strong, healthy lives,” said Dr. Leana Wen, president, Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “We know that people stand with Planned Parenthood because they and their loved ones have relied on us for health care and education. Planned Parenthood is inspired by these two global beauty brands standing proudly and publicly with us to declare that sexual and reproductive health care is health care, and health care is a human right.”

There are plenty of other makeup lines women and teenage girls can purchase their beauty products from instead of supporting Benefit and M∙A∙C who are helping to raise funds to murder more unborn babies.

We know Planned Parenthood continues to deceive women and girls by pretending to be “pro-life” and “pro-women”.

This latest partnership is another marketing trend designed to make young girls think their purchase is going towards something good.

But as consumers, we can simply choose to spend our hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

No sparkly shadow is worth helping fund the slaughter of unborn babies.

What are your thoughts on purchases being used to fund abortions?

Do you plan to boycott buying makeup items from these companies as long as they support Planned Parenthood?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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