Let’s Stop Endorsing This Stereotype Leveled Against Young Moms

Every woman has her own unique story on how she became a mother, but the latest trend seems to be unnecessarily attacking young moms.

And now, this stereotype spewed against young moms is crushing their spirit and disrupting their confidence in being a mother.

But the worst part of all is this flawed stereotype isn’t even true.

You see, some seasoned moms who have multiple children consider themselves pros.

And sure, let’s face it, once you’ve gotten through the first ER trip, or high fever, you’ve learned a few things.

But the problem is, somehow a stereotype developed that if a woman is young when she has her first child, she is somehow “not capable” of raising her baby well.

As if being 21, or even 19 automatically disqualifies a woman from having the mental capacity to be a mother.

And now, this “mom shaming” trend is crushing young moms who just want to love and raise their babies.

One mom had her baby at age 19 and shares the frustration she feels in constantly feeling as though she has to “prove her worth” to other moms.

Scary Mommy reported:

“And while some might think that our inexperience makes us less mature in our parenting, I do not. Because even though I am a young mother, and my first pregnancy came to me at 19 years old, I refuse to be labeled as an incompetent one.

Have you ever heard Shakespeare’s words: “Though she be but little, she is fierce?”

Aha, well.. that is us young moms. We are fierce because we live in a society where every mother needs to be fierce. But perhaps our edge is just a teensy-bit sharper (not better) because we are constantly having to prove ourselves. Prove our worth.”

It is heartbreaking to think a young mom feels judged, instead of supported during one of the most special moments of a woman’s life.

After all, becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts a woman can receive.

Having the honor and privilege of carrying (or adopting) a child and helping them grow into a healthy adult is something sacred.

And while some women choose to have children later in life, that doesn’t mean a young mom is somehow “incompetent.”

Ladies, think back to when you had your first child.

There were some things you just knew, right?

That motherly instinct was placed inside you by God, and it wasn’t by accident you were given a mother’s intuition.

Sure, other things you learned like natural cold remedies, or how to help calm a crying newborn you learned from your mother, or friends who have gone through the same things raising their children.

But because you didn’t know every single thing, surely didn’t make you a less than worthy mother to raise your baby!

Society seeks to tear down women and pit us against each other.

But ladies, motherhood isn’t a competition!

Instead of sneering at or insulting a struggling mom, consider lending a helping hand.

Whether it’s offering to hold a baby so a mom can fill out paperwork like this man did, or even giving a positive word of affirmation to a new mom, let’s all seek to build up other women, not tear them down.

After all, one of the worst things a mom can experience is someone else telling her how to raise her own child!

Every family is different. Every child is different.

And a mother has every right to raise her baby the way she chooses, of course as long as she is making sure her child is safe and well-cared for.

So ladies, let’s all remember we are on the same team!

Encourage young moms, and don’t discount them solely based on their age.

Who knows, you might learn something new from them too!

Have you experienced discrimination as a young mom at some point in your life?

If so, how did you respond?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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