Liberals Furious That Research Doesn’t Support Conservative Radicalization 

The left leaning media tries their hardest to lure the public into thinking that conservatives are recruiting militia for a far right revolt.

They refuse to present facts on the violence liberals have been afflicting on conservatives, just for holding different opinions. 

Now we have empirical evidence for a truth that has already been known – showing how the left really put their foot in their mouth!

The Daily Wire reports:

A new study out of Penn State’s Political Science Department found that rather than conservative content online leading to radicalization, as the popular “gateway” narrative insists, the reverse appears to be true.”

It is commonly believed that YouTube acts as a “radicalizing agent”, and liberals like to pin the right to these claims. 

A new study, titled “A Supply and Demand Framework for YouTube Politics,” dug a little deeper into these professions.

So, did they find the conclusions they were hoping to flaunt?

Not at all!

Eric Kaufman of Birkbeck University of London shared some of the findings. The Daily Wire reports on his words:

“‘Contrary to the ‘gateway drug’ narrative,’ the new study ‘shows the Intellectual Dark Web (i.e. [Jordan Peterson], [PragerU], [Joe Rogan], [Ben Shapiro], [Rubin Report]) is de-radicalizing potential Alt-Right viewers.’”

The central theme to many popular conservative speakers is supporting core values, such as morality and freedom,  while rejecting the illogical rhetoric by liberal propagandist.

Kevin Munger and Joseph Phillips led the study and aimed to focus on the five categories of the Alternative Influence Network (AIN), those who are on par with today’s media as far as influence goes.

The categories range from liberal to the ultra-right view holders. 

When conservative content “skyrocketed” online, and continued to climb, far-right content, in fact, declined.

The Daily Wire reveals what these results insinuate: 

According to trends, the researchers conclude, the proliferation of Conservative content, produced by the likes of Shapiro and Crowder, has more likely helped de-radicalize viewers than radicalize them, as the popular narrative has assumed”

In a shocking turn of events, not only was it discovered that watching conservative content de-radicalizes viewers, it prompted others to create their own conservative content for others to view. 

Apparently, logic, morality, and freedom are contagious. Who knew?

Oh yeah, the founding fathers of the United States of America!

For the skeptics that may be thinking the whole thing is a coincidence, read on. The alt-right have been increasing their content creation through 2018, but viewership has declined.

People would rather watch Ben Shapiro eloquently explain the continuity and wisdom behind conservatism than listen to some racist whack-job in his basement.

The violence by liberals has increased in recent years, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. 

With the creation of anti-conservative groups and the hatred they spread, it seems obvious that conservative speech isn’t the issue. 

Hopefully this study will inform the public about the twisted narrative the media tries to get by unsuspectingly. 

We are conservative because we choose to have a foundation for this country and our home that we can be proud to build on.

Conservative radicalism is a mythological beast that liberals have created to put themselves in the victim role, where they are able to prey on emotions.

Don’t buy into it. 

Please let is know in the comments section if you think the study will boost conservative content, and decrease the ammunition for liberals concerning conservative radicalism.

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