‘Lightyear’ Pushed A Liberal Agenda And It Blew Up In Their Face

Photo by Paul Kelley on Flickr.com


Toy Story is a beloved Pixar film that families all over the world instantly fell in love with. 

So it is not surprising that kids everywhere were anxiously anticipating the upcoming movie Lightyear, a spinoff featuring Toy Story’s lovable space-hero Buzz Lightyear. 

But just like everything in society now, liberals are using children’s entertainment to shove their demoralizing agenda down our throats. Well, it turns out – no one really likes that. 

There are surprisingly not many family movies coming out this summer which is why many thought Lightyear would’ve made quite the splash. 

It didn’t.

Lightyear only made $51 million during its 3-day opening – significantly less than the over $100 million dollars Toy Story made – according to CNBC – and that doesn’t account for inflation! 

Why is that?

According to Canadian professor and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, it’s “the revenge of the market.”

As Mommy Underground revealed, the movie featured a same-sex kiss between two female characters. 

Sure there were a few left-wing activists clapping amongst themselves in an 8×12 echo-chamber with free doughnuts and coffee to celebrate the victory – but as for America at large, there was only annoyance.

As reported by the Daily Wire, Dr. Peterson noted:

Americans are by no means enthused by woke corporate activists shoving leftist viewpoints down their throats.”

The US isn’t the only nation unenthused with the scene.

According to The Latch, 14 countries, many of which are in Asia and the Middle East, have banned Lightyear over the same-sex kiss.

Trying to impose political messaging in the entertainment industry is not a popular move, a new poll by Echelon Insights shows. 

It showed 29% of American investors agree it’s a “good thing” for companies to leverage their financial power for political or social means, while twice as many said it’s a “bad thing.”

Only 34% of investors who leverage their power “believe it’s the right thing,” while 56% are simply “trying to appease their critics.”

These statistics show how the liberal mob has bulldozed their way into mainstream society, almost forcing the public to support their agenda.

Sadly, Chris Evans, who voices the character of Buzz Lightyear in the Lightyear, has relentlessly praised the same-sex kissing scene, and calling all those who don’t like it “idiots.”

This is a far leap from Evans’ role as superhero Captain America who stood for God and country. 

When will investors, producers, and activists learn that inserting inappropriate material into children’s programs is not going to go over well?

Nickelodeon was once at the forefront of children’s television.

Now the channel is barely surviving with a dramatic drop in ratings as they actively promote Pride Month and even casted their first openly-transgender teen – Sasha Cohen.

They are not the only children’s channel to see a decline in viewings – The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network are facing “revenge of the market” as well. 

Although Lightyear probably won’t be the last children’s movie with inappropriate material, it will cause producers to think twice before they add a homosexual scene.

One can only hope that the box office flop will speak to the political left, letting them know that flaunting the LGBT agenda is not what the people want. 

They just want to watch a movie with their family.