Love Is In The Air–Creative Brides Get Married During The Coronavirus In The Most Unique Ways

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Think back to your wedding day, a magical time to celebrate love before God and a stream of witnesses comprised of your family and friends.

But thanks to the coronavirus, brides everywhere are scrambling to make tough decisions  and forced to either cancel the wedding, postpone it, or move ahead following social distancing guidelines.

As if wedding planning wasn’t stressful enough, this takes it to a whole new level for the bride to be!

However, some brides have made the decision to move forward with their ceremony and give up their “big reception” dream, and they’ve gotten married in the most incredible ways.

With the coronavirus news causing distress and sadness, check out the ways these brides celebrated the joy of love during this challenging season.


Window Weddings

Spain is one of the hardest hit countries from the coronavirus, but that’s not stopping brides from getting married!

One couple gave up their vision of a dream wedding and decided to get married from their window as neighbors cheered on.

The Guardian reported:

“As they began – “On this special day, two friends are getting married,” their neighbour called out, his voice filling the empty street – others, stuck in their homes by the same lockdown orders, began poking their heads out.

Soon dozens were cheering them on, calling for the couple to kiss as Díaz threw her bouquet into the apartment of a friend who lives across from her. “In the end it felt our wedding,” said Díaz. “It was unique, special and very personal,” added Camino.”

One thing is for sure – this will always be a day they’ll remember!


Zoom Around The World

Some couples have gotten married following the social distancing rules of their state and had a “10 person or less” ceremony and then broadcasted the wedding live via Zoom!

This way, family and friends from all around the world could still celebrate the couple exchanging vows while safely quarantined inside their homes.

One of the best things about Zoom is it allows people to talk to one another – while seeing each other via video.

Such a unique way to connect people all around the world – while keeping everyone safe!

This is especially thoughtful to elderly relatives who aren’t able to travel or leave their homes.


Street Weddings

Some people are taking to the streets (literally) and choosing to get married outside with just a judge.

One couple in New York City wore latex gloves and held hands, doing an “elbow bump” instead of a kiss once pronounced husband and wife.

A judge married them on the street.

Another couple in NYC got married with the officiant standing in a balcony while they were below, to maintain social distancing guidelines.

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One thing is certain – couples aren’t letting the coronavirus stop them from sharing their love with one another!


The New Normal

During the coronavirus, anything goes.

It’s refreshing to see brides find unique ways to move forward with their wedding plans.

But of course, it’s just as important to practice proper safety as the coronavirus continues to get worse.

Sometimes it is safer to postpone the entire thing.  Or get married with just the Pastor present.

This decision is up to every bride and groom personally, but it’s guaranteed we’ll be seeing more unique weddings during the coronavirus!

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