Make Sure Your Little Ones Stay Hydrated This Summer with These Helpful Tips

With summer just around the corner, your little ones are most likely eager to get out of the house and run around!

But with the scorching sun beating down, many children are so busy playing they forget to drink water and have trouble staying hydrated.

Even if your child doesn’t like to drink water – you can make staying hydrated fun and actually make it exciting for your little one if you remember one simple thing.

One of the main ways to help your child drink more water, is to make it seem like they are in control of how they are drinking water.

After all, if your child feels they are calling the shots, they will most likely adopt the habit of drinking more water.

So if you’re looking for creative ways to make sure your child stays hydrated in the hot sun, check out our helpful tips:

  1. Help Them Track Their Progress: Consider introducing a chart with your child’s name on it and have them put a sticker each time they finish a glass of water!

This works especially well for competitive children who like to see their progress.

Set goals for your child on how much water they should each drink, and each time they hit their goal they earn an extra “star.”

Depending on your child’s age and weight, the amount of water your child should drink each day will vary.

Typically, a good rule is half of their body weight in ounces. So if your child weighs 80lbs, they should roughly drink 40oz of water (or 5 glasses) of water each day.

  1. Think Outside The Box: If your child is still opposed to drinking straight water (even with their own personal water bottle), consider adding a bit of natural flavor.

You can add fresh berries or cucumbers for a refreshing twist.

Or even freeze ice cubes for a fun bonus!

Parents reported these fun tips:

“Freezing your fruit won’t make it more hydrating but it does lock in nutrients,” says Middleberg. Plus, freezing fruit can bring out the fruit flavors, she adds. Pop a few into your child’s glass of water for a refreshing treat (they’ll love the colored cubes floating around!)”

  1. Get Them A Personal Water Bottle: With so many children addicted to sugar, many children have become averse to the simplicity of drinking water.

Not only is drinking caffeine-filled drinks bad for your child, the caffeine will dehydrate them even more.

But you can encourage your child to drink water by making it fun!

Let them be a part of picking out their own personal water bottle – and make the rule they can only fill it with water.

Sometimes drinking water seems more “fun” if they are drinking it out of a water bottle they enjoy.

And moms remember – your children are always watching you!

If you’re one that chugs cans of diet coke (if you are still addicted to soda check out this article on why diet soda is bad for you, especially if you are pregnant), your children will want to follow your example.

But if you are in the habit of making sure you are also getting your daily water intake, your children will see you are leading by example.

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Finally, be sure to watch for signs your child is dehydrated, such as bright yellow urine or cracked and dried lips.

Depending on your child’s activity level, you might need to have them drink an extra cup of water each day.

With these helpful tips, you can “win the war on water”, and help your child to make healthy choices and stay hydrated throughout the day!

Does your child have difficulty drinking enough water during the day?

What are some fun ways you help your child stay hydrated throughout the day?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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