Top 8 Reasons To Stay Away From Diet Sodas While Pregnant

Weight gain during pregnancy is a constant concern for mothers to be. It’s easy to throw healthy eating out the window when you are struggling to keep breakfast down.

After the nausea fades, the cravings and stress eating begins. This realization may have you reaching for options you think can prevent you from tipping the scales.

One such alternative is diet sodas. They give you the soda feel, without all the added calories from sugar.

Have you ever wondered about the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, and how it may affect your growing child?

Many researchers have tackled that very question. Looking into their conclusions has shown that, while diet sodas aren’t the overnight silent killer, they are something you may want to replace in your daily diet.

Here are the eight reasons that diet sodas should be the last beverage you choose to stay hydrated.

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