Top 8 Reasons To Stay Away From Diet Sodas While Pregnant

  1. You can develop gestational diabetes

Having to deal with the woes of gestational diabetes adds a lot of additional strain on a pregnancy.

Global News reported on the risks you run into drinking diet sodas during your pregnancy:

Researchers worked off the Danish National Birth Cohort involving 918 mothers who had gestational diabetes, and found that a total of 45 percent of women drank diet soda during their pregnancy, nine per cent did so daily.

Study author Dr. Cuilin Zhang, a senior investigator in the epidemiology branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, says the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas are the likely culprit.

“The high-intensity artificial sweeteners may exacerbate glucose intolerance, compared to regular sugar,” she says to Global News. “This increases intestinal absorption of glucose, and promotes excessive intake and weight gain by altering the sweet taste and caloric reward.”

You want to reserve the right to sneak that occasional craving of pumpkin pie a la mode. Stay away from the soda’s low cal sibling to reduce the risk of being restricted from your favorite indulgences.

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