Man’s Unbelievable Crimes Only Get Him A Slap On The Wrist

There is no greater evil than taking the life of an innocent child.

But abortionists do this every day all over the world, hiding behind the law without regret or remorse – or breaking the law altogether in the name of profit.

Now another monster is in the spotlight after years of committing heinous crimes against women and children.

The Florida Board of Medicine voted last week to revoke the medical license of James Scott Pendergraft, a serial killer who thinks he is helping women.

Behind the action was the Vice President of pro-life group Operation Rescue.  Cheryl Sullenger has been tracking Pendergraft’s whereabouts for years and discovered he had been arrested in South Carolina.

She notified the medical board in Florida where Pendergraft was still — unbelievably — licensed to practice.  He was caught by chance in South Carolina during a routine traffic stop in October.

In his van, police found illegal drugs including marijuana, LSD, and Fentanyl, as well as bloody medical instruments with the tissue of babies still attached.

Pendergraft had become a traveling home abortionist.

What is shocking is that Pendergraft still held a medical license in any state.  He had been suspended five times in Florida already and had spent time in federal prison in the state for acts of extortion and perjury.

Pendergraft was most recently the founder and owner of several abortion clinics in Florida.  Some closed after his license was repeatedly suspended.

Some were converted into medical marijuana clinics – something Pendergraft is quite interested in as a business venture – and some were conveniently transferred into his wife’s name through legal loopholes.

Despite being on suspension and in trouble with the law, Pendergraft was routinely seen entering clinics that he previously owned.

To get an idea of the evil of this monster, one needs only view a message to his patients on the website of his former clinic, Orlando Women’s Center:

A Note From The Founder / Dr James S Pendergraft, Late Term Abortion Specialist In USA

Abortions performed before the 6th week of gestation are at the forefront of how abortions will be performed in the future as the majority of abortions will occur during this time. There are less moral and ethical personal conflicts associated with having an abortion performed earlier in pregnancy.

The earlier in pregnancy the abortion is performed the less fetal development, fewer complications, and less guilt…most patients are able to resume their routine activities once leaving the offices. This includes being able to have sexual intercourse the next day following the surgical procedure.

After stating that the staff offers state-of-the-art abortions in the second and third trimester, as well as late-term, Pendergraft closes with, “I thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in one of the most difficult times in your life. Immediate appointments are generally available.”

Mommy Underground has reported on monsters like Pendergraft – both Kermit Gosnell and Steven Brigham spent decades performing dangerous late-term abortions despite countless run-ins with the law.

Gosnell is currently in prison for his crimes.  Brigham was charged with multiple counts of murder, but a legal loophole has left him free.

Despite similar practices to other monsters like him, Pendergraft has yet to be charged with anything related to killing viable infants.

Pendergraft’s list of atrocities goes back decades, including one that resulted in a civil suit in which almost $40 million in punitive damages was awarded.

In 2001, a young woman entered one of his clinics to have an abortion at 22 weeks.  She paid Pendergraft $1,300 and was started on medications to end her pregnancy.

The procedure failed and the patient was rushed to a nearby hospital with complications.  Her child was born alive but will suffer a lifetime of medical problems due to being severely premature.

The suit was filed to expose Pendergraft’s dangerous medical practices and to set up a fund for the child’s long-term medical care.

The trial took years to bring forward, and Pendergraft continued his crimes unchecked.

Pro-life evangelist Patte Smith has followed Pendergraft’s activities serving Operation Save America.

 “Viable infants have been being killed by labor and delivery abortion each week at James Pendergraft’s abortion centers since 1996. Some of the babies have been born alive,” Smith told Charisma News.

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Pendergraft’s most recent arrest only involved charges stemming from the drugs found in his van in South Carolina.

He received five years of probation instead of a lifetime in prison like he deserved.

Although pro-lifers in Florida are pleased with the revocation of Pendergraft’s medical license, they are aware that he continued to perform illegal late-term home abortions when his license was suspended in the past.

He often traveled to other states, and no one really knows how many viable infants died at his hands, how many were born alive and then killed, or to how many women he caused irreparable damage.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue told Life Site News, “This is a victory for all of us, especially for women and babies who will no long be placed at risk by James Pendergraft’s dangerous practices.”

We can only pray that he’s right and that James Scott Pendergraft never harms another innocent child.

But until he is caught committing another crime and finally imprisoned, he is still walking the streets.

What do you think of the fact that James Pendergraft is still a free man?  Do you think losing his medical license will stop his evil acts against the unborn?  Leave us your comments.