New Bill Engraves Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Phone Number On Every School ID

In today’s pro-abort culture, high-school teenagers are in danger now more than ever of falling prey to Planned Parenthood’s lies and schemes.

With the mainstream media falsely portraying Planned Parenthood as a “healthcare provider” teenage girls are often left confused, and therefore vulnerable into believing the lies of the abortion giant.

But at least teenagers who grow up in a good home stand a chance at hearing the truth and being sheltered from Planned Parenthood – but if this new bill becomes law – Planned Parenthood will legally have direct access to kids as young as 12 and the ramifications are deadly.

You see, Planned Parenthood knows high school girls are vulnerable – that is why they campaign so hard to reach young girls.

If young girls are never taught that a baby is a human life or shown there are other options other than abortion, sadly many young girls will choose to have an abortion.

Thankfully, many girls don’t know how to find a Planned Parenthood, or what the process entails.

But thanks to a new bill, every single girl who is at least 12-years-old could have the phone number of Planned Parenthood printed on the back of her school ID card!

Which means in a split emotional decision, a girl who finds out she’s pregnant may be persuaded to call Planned Parenthood to have an abortion – and find the number available at her fingertips.

And Planned Parenthood’s number wouldn’t just be printed on the IDs of some radical leftist school.

It would be available at all schools with students ages 12-24.

Middle Schools. High Schools. Christian Schools.

Life News reported:

“This new law would not just apply to the ID cards issued by public middle school, high school, and colleges, but for all private (including Christian) educational institutions as well. This isn’t going to sit well with parents and private school educators who vehemently oppose abortion and the sexual behavior promoted by Planned Parenthood. On top of this, legal experts say the legislation is clearly unconstitutional.

“This is government compelled speech, which targets and burdens religious free exercise, similar to the legislation US Supreme Court smacked down in NIFLA v. Becerra,” explained Attorney Dean Broyles with the National Center for Law and Policy. “The radicals in the California legislature just don’t get it! We still have a First Amendment.”

Can you imagine as a Christian parent, having your 12-year old daughter come home from school with her new ID card, and then to your horror discovering she has the phone number of Planned Parenthood printed on the back of her school ID!

What’s even more sick, is the politician advocating for this horrific bill received a hefty financial contribution from Planned Parenthood.

If there was ever any doubt of Planned Parenthood’s motive to win elections – this story makes it abundantly clear.

Planned Parenthood depends on pro-abort politicians to push laws making it easier for Planned Parenthood to provide abortions.

And what better way for Planned Parenthood to gain full access to young girls than giving them the very number of their abortion hotline!

After all, Planned Parenthood admits they target scared young girls.

Radical politicians are more concerned with getting elected, than protecting vulnerable young girls against the hands of predators.

If a girl is being sexually abused and becomes pregnant, she would now have the access of a phone number to “make it all go away”, further leaving her vulnerable to sexual assault.

The Christian Post reported:

“By slapping Planned Parenthood’s hotline on the back of every 12- to 24-year-old’s ID, California essentially would be forcing every student to join an abortion sales team,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. … “Gabriel’s bill doesn’t just force young people to violate their beliefs — it promotes an industry that jeopardizes these girls’ health,” he added.”

Make no mistake, if California gets this bill passed, it sets a dangerous precedent and blueprint for other states to follow.

What are your thoughts on having the number of Planned Parenthood printed on the back of every school ID for teenagers ages 12-24?

Do you think Planned Parenthood wants to do this in order to increase the number of abortions?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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