New Bill Teaches Children How To Access Hormone Drugs And Get Abortions

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Schools are already a dangerous place for children, but in Illinois, they’ve reached a new level of wickedness.

Leftist Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker recently signed a new bill – and you won’t believe what it allows teachers to do now.

From teaching children where to get abortions and how to access “transgender” hormone drugs to forbidding any promotion of “religious doctrine” – just wait until you hear about the horrific details of the latest pro-LGBT bill.

To start, as we all know, the left is utterly obsessed with pushing through their radical agenda, especially in schools.

Instead of focusing on how to help children learn and grow, they’re more concerned with helping them have unprotected sex and get abortions.

Yes really.

Governor J.B. Pritzker recently signed Senate Bill 818 which is so radical, it actually has teachers instructing students how to access gender hormone drugs and get abortions – as if this is something normal for kids to discuss.

But instead of being ashamed of such legislation, Governor Pritzker is delighted, even bragging about the new bill, claiming it will help students in his state obtain a “bright future.”

LifeSite News reported:

“Modernizing our sex education standards will help keep our children safe,” claimed Pritzker, adding that the radical new sex-ed curriculum will “deliver the bright future our kids deserve.”


… as if a child needs to learn how to abort their baby… or access “transgender” hormone drugs in order to stay safe.


The bill pushes a new curriculum titled the “National Sex Education Standards”, which is worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

It teaches 5-year-old children about “gender identity” and explains to 3rd graders what hormone blockers do.

And yes, there’s even language helping 6th graders get abortions.


Even though kids continue to be traumatized sitting under a pro-LGBT curriculum, educators have doubled down on making sure it is taught all throughout the country.

This latest bill is just another example of what happens when liberals legislate their priorities, and then have them backed by a leftist Governor.

Of course, the left claims they are being “inclusive” and such a curriculum is“necessary” – even though it shuts out any type of traditional or Christian values.

LifeSite News continued:

“The bill, which states that the curriculum “may not” promote any “religious doctrine,” will require teachers to give students information on how to access abortion clinics, seek out hormone drugs, and get on PrEP (a dangerous, often ineffective pill used to have unprotected sex without contracting HIV).”

There’s no telling just how many children’s lives will be ruined as they are taught by radical teachers how to destroy their future.

It’s no wonder parents continue to yank their children out of public schools in droves.

But with President Biden leading the pro-LGBT and pro-abortion charge, we are bound to see even more states empowered to push through a similar agenda.

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