New Ohio Law Allows Teachers To Carry Firearms On School Grounds

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Most schools forbid teachers from carrying a gun – endangering the lives of teachers and students alike.

One can’t imagine how helpless a teacher feels when a mad gunman enters school grounds – and they’re left powerless to do anything but wait on the authorities.

But a new law in Ohio has changed the course – allowing teachers to carry a firearm and actually protect their students – and just wait until you hear the details.

The new law allows teachers, principals, and other school staff to carry a firearm while in the classroom – as long as they follow a few requirements which include 24 hours of initial training (and 8 hours per year after) and a background check.

Previously the “school safety zone” wouldn’t allow firearms on school grounds unless a person was an employed security officer with 700 hours of training or 20 years of law enforcement experience.

But as the nation watched in horror at the disastrous response to school shootings like in Uvalde, it was clear something needed to be done.

Bad guys know they can enter schools and shoot up classrooms because the good guys don’t have guns.

It’s that simple.

And as more innocent lives continue to be lost at the hands of lunatics – liberals and the anti-gun activists cry for MORE gun control.

Thankfully there are still level-headed politicians in office who know guns save lives.

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After the most recent school shooting, politicians in Ohio acted quickly – and now this new law gives teachers the chance to protect themselves – and especially their students – should a deranged lunatic enter the school.

Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine spoke on the new law, reiterating the obligation we have to protect our kids from the bad guys.

The Blaze reported:

“DeWine issued a statement indicating the purpose of the law is “to continue to help our public and private schools get the tools they need to protect our children. … We have an obligation to do everything we can every single day to try and protect our kids.”

This law was part of a broader initiative to protect schoolchildren and strengthen security in Ohio schools.

DeWine and the Ohio General Assembly secured $100 million to help K-12 schools in the state pay for security upgrades, such as visitor badging systems, security training, and door locking systems.”

Thank goodness for the common sense of these leaders!

More states should follow suit – and ensure teachers are equipped to handle a deadly threat should a shooter enter the classroom.

As we know, bad guys don’t follow the law – and a “gun free” zone simply paints a target on the face of all the good guys who DO follow the law.

When in the right hands, guns save lives and protect innocent people and children from lunatics.

Children in Ohio should feel safer now going to school, knowing their teachers have the ability to protect them without having to wait on police to show up.

Cheers to Ohio!

Well done.

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