New York Rejects Public Hospital Funding In Favor Of Abortion Slush Fund

New York City also nicknamed the “city of death” is at it again with their latest anti-life move.

This time, their move not only hurts pro-lifers, but it hurts all New Yorkers who would seek to go to a well-maintained hospital when sick. 

Because of their visceral hate for President Trump and his pro-life policies, NYC actually turned down $1.3 million dollars of federal funding for public hospitals – and the consequences of this decision could be deadly. 

To start, it is unheard of for a city to reject money that would go towards saving the lives of those who are sick and hurting. 

So what would cause a city to reject federal funds?

NYC decided they’d rather promote abortions instead.

And because the Trump administration enacted the Protect Life Rule, New York City is protesting. 

Live Action reported on the details of the rule:

“The new rule requires a “clear financial and physical separation between Title X funded projects and programs or facilities where abortion is a method of family planning.” This, of course, would mean that in order for Planned Parenthood to receive its usual $60 million annually in Title X funding, it would need to separate its abortion business from its other services, financially and physically (120 days to comply financially, and one year to comply physically).”

And because pro-aborts hate babies so much, they’re even willing to deny hospital funding if it could help save the life of a woman. 

All so they can continue to abort babies.

And if there was ever any doubt this was all political, the mayor of New York went on to call pro-life protections a “gag rule” and uttered some rhetoric about the Trump administration trying to censor abortionists. 

Live Action reported:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio characterized the pro-life protections as a “gag rule,” claiming, “The doctors and nurses at the heart of New York City’s public hospital system took an oath to protect and serve patients, and we will do whatever’s necessary to ensure they are able to provide the best medical treatment. Our decision to reject Title X funds sends a clear message – we will not stand by while the Trump Administration tries to censor our providers and prevent them from giving patients information about abortions.”

It’s clear the city of death isn’t satisfied with just allowing women to murder their babies up until birth (and gloat about it by lighting the sky pink).

That is horrific enough. 

And the consequences of their new abortion law keep rolling in.

But then building on that “momentum”, New York City became the first municipality to create a fund to pay for abortions.

The “New York Abortion Access Fund” claims to “help” women either living or traveling to get an abortion if they aren’t able to pay. 

The New York Abortion Access Fund website reported:

“Yesterday was a historic day for abortion access! New York will become the first city in the country to directly fund abortion by allocating $250,000 of the City’s 2020 budget to NYAAF. We are overjoyed!”

Literally, pro-aborts are celebrating the fact they have a slush fund to help New Yorkers murder their babies.

It’s absolutely sickening.

And now, they are actually denying federal hospital funding.

Worst of all, other pro-aborts are looking to NYC as a model to start implementing the same policies across the country.

Pro-lifers must continue to remain vigilant. 

What are your thoughts on New York City turning down federal funding for a hospital in order to promote abortions?

Do you agree New York City has officially become the city of death?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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