No More Red, White, & Blue: This Retailer Sells “Tolerance” Purple 4th of July T-Shirts

As America gets ready to celebrate Independence Day in their red, white, and blue gear, one retailer is determined to convince Americans to go “purple” Fox News reported:

“One thing is certain, we will never stop believing that Old Navy can be a place where customers and communities feel a sense of belonging — and do our best to make that so,” Old Navy president and CEO Sonia Syngal said in a statement. “Our doors are open for everyone, and also open for ideas, open for love, open for differences, open for dialogue, and open for change.”

Old Navy announced it will be hosting a “conversation about belonging” on its social media channels, inviting consumers to participate.”

Launching an “anti-discrimination” campaign, this major retailer has changed America’s treasured colors claiming they need to “blend together” and be one, hence the color purple.

And once you learn the end goal of this retailer, you’re bound to be furious.

To start, no American should feel ashamed for wearing red, white, and blue.

In addition, wearing the American flag does not make someone a bad or hateful person, as the campaign ultimately leads people to believe.

For years, many Americans have purchased Old Navy’s classic flag shirt.

Old Navy knows their flag t-shirts are popular and a hit, so this year jumping on the LGBT bandwagon they’ve turned them purple.

And now social media is full of LGBT activists hijacking America’s beloved celebration of freedom in a desperate attempt to turn it into yet another LGBT “holiday.”

But Old Navy is missing one major thing – the main thing that unites this country is the very thing Old Navy is attempting to sabotage.

Regardless of one’s political party, all Americans celebrate Independence Day waving the American flag and donned in American gear.

Single or married, man or woman, everyone comes together to celebrate America’s freedom.

But Old Navy’s latest “purple” campaign attempts to divide our country by giving LGBT yet another item to flaunt on the heel of June’s “Pride Month.”

And their campaign reveals yet again that nothing is sacred.

Make no mistake – the left will not stop until their way of life is the new normal.

Their goal is not getting others to simply “accept” their agenda.

Their goal is to get everyone to buy into the LGBT ideology – hence the numerous businesses who have changed their logo into a rainbow for “Pride Month” or adopted “transgender” bathrooms and changing rooms in their stores.

And Scary Mommy reported Old Navy also partnered with “Open To All” – which is a coalition of businesses that makes them pledge to “maintain a welcoming and safer environment for people”… which sounds nice but then goes to list things like “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Old Navy even changed its own logo and made it purple (until July 4th) in an attempt to promote their new campaign.

The left’s latest attempt to hijack America’s most patriotic day shows their intent to change the culture goes all the way to America’s very own colors.

And their attempt to shame conservatives simply for wearing red, white, and blue is a disgrace.

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What’s next?

Changing America’s flag to rainbows in order to include everyone?

If it sounds too farfetched, given the latest string of pro-LGBT propaganda, it’s only a matter of time.

So this Fourth of July, wear your red, white, and blue gear with pride and without shame.

What are your thoughts on Old Navy launching their “purple” 4th of July campaign?

Do you think Americans should feel ashamed for wearing red, white, and blue?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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