Parents Denied Access To LGBT Video Students Were Forced To Watch

Being parents, we should have a say-so over what others expose our children to, but liberals beg to differ.

The progressive community has claimed a right to inform the public, including minors, about LGBT lifestyles, opening up a world of confusion and sin.

This is not the right of a complete stranger, who bears no responsibility to the upbringing and well-being of our children; and it is beyond logical comprehension where along the lines of politics they thought this right came in.

Many instances in recent months have come across conservative media outlets, where schools are taking it upon themselves as an institution to force inappropriate content on the student body.

Whether through sex education or LGBT alliances and clubs at school, parents are continually being shoved into an uninvolved corner of their child’s education.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, even the judiciary branch is ignoring parents’ pleas to step in when their children are being coerced by those within the schools.

During “Unity Week” this past April, one Pennsylvania high school was shown multiple videos supporting LGBT lifestyles while encouraging the student body to accept their state of confusion.

When parents were told by their children about the videos they had no choice but to watch, outrage ensued. Angry parents wanted answers, but what they got in return is shocking.

The Daily Wire reported:

In a Pennsylvania school district, after roughly 2,800 students were forced to watch LGBT videos during LGBT “Unity Week” in April, parents and conservative activists asked the district to provide links to the videos so they could see what their children had watched.

The answer they got: no.”

Principle Kate Kieres of East Penn School District where the videos were shown, has said to the parents that “these videos cannot be sent to you, because they are part of a student project”, according to the Christian Post.

The student project Kieres is referring to is “activities” organized by students who are part of the lobbying group Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Showing the videos aimed to bring awareness to “Unity Week”, and the national “Day of Silence.”

The school’s Gay-Straight Alliance Club gave the videos, that weren’t even created by the students but pulled from YouTube and liberal media clips, to the school’s TV studio to air.

So, how are public videos that weren’t even made by the students being protected under the privacy requirements of “student projects”?

On May 2nd, Principal Kieres sent out a letter that gave vague descriptions of the videos students watched.

One video was titled “9 Questions Gay People Have About Straight People”, another was a clip from a CBS story that spoke about being “gender fluid”, a third presented ideas of marriage equality, while the fourth was titled “Show your pride. Share your love”, according to the Christian Post.

This attempt by the principle to bypass the demands of the parents is feeble at best, and quite possibly illegal.

Near the end of the letter, which concerned parents received after the fact, Kieres tries to argue that it is all fine because they have been showing similar videos behind the parents back for “four years”, according the Christian Post.

This is not a consolation, but an admission of guilt on the side of the school supervisors that they have acted out of control, and out of their rights with the students.

The conservative law firm Liberty Counsel agrees with this violation of rights and has sent a letter to the superintendent of the East Penn School District demanding that parents be sent the exact links of the videos shown to their children at Emmaus High School.

Legal action may potentially be taken under the “Right to Know” law if the school doesn’t comply.

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Before the law firm was involved, the defense by the school was that it was a “student project” after legal action was threatened, however, it has turned into “student expression must always be protected”, as the Christian Post reported Superintendent Michael Schilder saying.

It is obvious that the goal is not to do what is right, or keep parents informed, but to give liberals an undue advantage to push their agenda on impressionable minds.

Conservative families have been fighting morally objectionable material in the classroom, so the left wants to try and take the contention away by ignoring parental rights.

This is not going to work. Family values, including marriage between one man and one woman, are instilled into the children of conservative parents.

Our bright children know when things are awry, and we know when things are different in our kids.

Shutting us out won’t work, and we will not sit idly by while the school system attempts to brainwash our children.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the Pennsylvania school showing the student body the LGBT videos, and how you think it could have been prevented.