Parents Outraged: Local Health Department Flyer Encourages Teens To Text Anonymous Sex Questions To Strangers

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Government bureaucrats are working overtime to damage the relationship between child and parent so they can influence them with leftist propaganda.

From schools going against parent’s wishes and providing “gender” counseling to promoting an LGBT curriculum – officials have no problem interfering with a child and their parent.

In Virginia, yet again the line was crossed with the Department of Health sending out a flyer encouraging teens to text their sex questions to an “anonymous” number – completely removing parents from the equation.

The brightly colored flyer was mailed out with cute designs and encourages teens to text their questions on anything they want regarding sex – from contraceptives to sexuality.

Yeah, that’s just what we need – a confused teen texting a stranger asking them where to get an abortion or how to “change genders.”

Instead of isolating parents, the Virginia Health Department should be encouraging teens to get their important questions answered by their parents.

Besides that – there are massive safety concerns.

How does the person on the other end of the phone actually know who they are speaking to?

And how are the staff vetted and trained?

Are there background checks?

All we need is some sicko on the other end responding to a confused and vulnerable girl about questions regarding sex.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Besides, if a teen is pregnant and scared – do you really think the health department is going to point her towards a pregnancy crisis center where she can get help?

Chances are – she’ll be directed straight into the hands of abortionists at Planned Parenthood.

Thankfully, local politicians are expressing their concerns and demanding answers.

Senator Steve Newman posted to his Facebook:

“Nothing shocks me anymore. And this enrages me. How dare the Virginia Department of Health enter OUR homes and speak to OUR children about such a personal issue without seeking our permission first? This crosses a line. I understand that our children are going to have questions about the “birds and the bees” (yes, you can see the clever use of an innocent looking bee graphic on the material), but it has always been the parent’s choice IF their child participates in sex education in school and the parent is always welcome to view the curriculum being used.

This mass mailing to families in Virginia speaks directly to our children and invites them to use their cell phones to text a STRANGER if they have questions about sex or sexuality! A stranger. Without a parent’s knowledge. And although it states that “This textline is free and anonymous for any teen!”…the fact is that children of all ages will have this available to them. Who is going to answer these texts? What are they going to use as guidance for their responses??”

He’s exactly right.

But this is exactly what bureaucrats want – access to our children.

Of course they want parents removed – because they know parents can step in and intervene to stop a disastrous choice like an abortion or “gender change.”

The Virginia Health Department has no right to encourage minors to go around their parents and seek them first.

These days, even getting the mail can be a dangerous thing for our kids.

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